We rarely look forward to visiting the hospital. It usually reminds us that people get sick and bad things happen to them. But that doesn’t mean they lose hope! Or their sense of humor. We have collected a list of amusing images to prove that the hospital can be a fun place too. From doctors who probably have a PhD in trolling to patients who are taking it rather well, scroll down to check out these fun images.

1My pills fit perfectly in my container

2Mom visits Dad in the hospital. Who gets the bed

3Sign outside my local hospital to deter smokers by the front door

4Was At The VA Hospital Today When I Ran Into This Guy And His Shirt

5This hospital has paintings of seashells that look like a Brain, lungs, and heart

6I Work In An Eye Clinic. One Of My Coworkers Had This At His Desk

7My local hospital is modeled after an airport - with a concourse, gates, and self-service check-in terminals for patients

8Comforting To See This In My Doctor's Office

9Found This Mad Lad's Handiwork In The Local Hospital Bathroom

10He Takes It Rather Well

11My hospital has lights in the ceiling that are designed to look like the sky

12Took my wife to the hospital for a blood test. She was devastated that there are 300 patients ahead of us

13My Wife Wanted To Make Sure That Someone Took A Picture Of The Expression On Our Faces When Our Daughter Was Born Today. So I Took One

14This man came in complaining of a headache for the last 2 days. He didn't know about the nail in his head.

15A hospital sewed a button on my friend's finger to keep the bandage in place

16Hidden toilet at the doctor's office

17Girlfriend's Eye Doctor Hit Her With A Good Ol' Dad Joke

18Someone showed up at my friend's hospital with this last night

19This red pen I got at the hospital that looks like a syringe

20This Pain Scale Found In My Doctor's Office

21This Building Is Like Someone Was Making It Up On The Fly

22The hospital I'm at uses bolts as batteries for the Wii controllers

23Biblical plague at a hospital

24My hospital's decorations

25Went To Get My Medical Marijuana Card Today And This Was My Doctor


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