Chances are you have probably encountered your fair share of First World Problems. The term first emerged on the Internet by way of Tumblr and has since become a catchphrase, used to poke fun at individuals who complain about every little thing.

In this amusing picture series, we outline the problems experienced by the “first world”, which seem very insignificant when you are coming from a “third world” country. Moreover, one may feel somehow ashamed, but also blessed, when considering the types of problems we have living in “first world” countries.

51I can't put my arm comfortably out the window

52My Honeycrisp apple is too big to use an apple cutter

53The TV screen in the business class seat offers 16.9 while the tail camera only offers 4.3

54My office's huge window is letting in too much light and is making my foot hot

55My 'Value 3 Pack' is more of a 2 & 2,3 pack


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