Chances are you have probably encountered your fair share of First World Problems. The term first emerged on the Internet by way of Tumblr and has since become a catchphrase, used to poke fun at individuals who complain about every little thing.

In this amusing picture series, we outline the problems experienced by the “first world”, which seem very insignificant when you are coming from a “third world” country. Moreover, one may feel somehow ashamed, but also blessed, when considering the types of problems we have living in “first world” countries.

26Dish Network sent me 49 letters last year asking me to come back after I canceled my service

27The water tap at my new office has too many options

28A while ago, I spilled healthy, organic chia seeds from my drink. Now they've sprouted from my Dyson

29The pizza box will not fit in my fridge

30I couldn't watch the morning news, because my TV needed to run an update

31I often get distracted from my work by squirrels and birds because of my office view

32My parking meter doesn't have a QWERTY keyboard

33First world problems in Iceland

34First world problems

35My first world problem to start off the day

36First World Problems

37I can't reach the copy of Sky Mall in the seat back pocket in front of me

38The book I ordered from Amazon is missing a few pages

39I can't figure out how to turn off the heated seats in my car

40I have too much legroom that I can't use my tray table and have to hold my drink

41Netflix asks me if I want to continue watching it's always sunny in Philly in the bath and I can't reach to say yes

42My wife left my rocket lollies out on the side and forgot about them. Now they're ruined

43So my flight was delayed by 2 hours, but I got a window seat so I got that going for me

44First World Problems

45First world problems

46My maid put the toilet paper roll in backwards

47My shredded wheat is actually shredded

48Four-row seat to myself in Premium Economy and the armrests don't go up

49My soup bowl is too big and my spoon keeps falling in

50My hundreds don't all match


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