Chances are you have probably encountered your fair share of First World Problems. The term first emerged on the Internet by way of Tumblr and has since become a catchphrase, used to poke fun at individuals who complain about every little thing.

In this amusing picture series, we outline the problems experienced by the “first world”, which seem very insignificant when you are coming from a “third world” country. Moreover, one may feel somehow ashamed, but also blessed, when considering the types of problems we have living in “first world” countries.

1Billionaires are ruining my neighborhood of millionaires

2When you buy $50 worth of Halloween candy, but nobody comes to your house

3The water in my infinity pool evaporated by a couple inches so it just looks like a regular pool

4I want to adjust the temperature but my thermostat is busy downloading an update

5I had so much leg room on this flight I couldn't reach the pocket on the chair in front of me

6Police blotter for Atherton, CA, where the median house price is $4,010,200

7No one was in the elevator with me so I had no one to impress when I pressed the button to my suite

8My iPhone fell out of my pocket and cracked my iPad

9First world problems

10I can't use my toilet right now, because it's cleaning itself

11You did what?

12Finally some bandaids for us

13I can't take any notes at work because my smartpen's firmware is upgrading

14The headlights of the SUV behind me hurts my eyes when I'm in my Ferrari

15My niece unplugged my Google home to charge her shoes

16My seats at the football game were too close to the field. The broadcast camera blocked my view

17There are not enough tissues left in the box to weigh down the box while I pull out a tissue

18I couldn't find my wife until I looked in her closet. I said, 'What are you doing?' she says, 'I have nothing to wear'

19The definition of first world problems

20My TV has holes for wall mounting, but the mount blocks all of the inputs

21I'm flying tomorrow and my virtual reality goggles take up most of my carry-on

22I don't know which key is to which BMW

23My watch doesn't work because it's updating its firmware

24I cut my finger and now my fingerprint scanner doesn't recognize me, so I actually have to type in the password for my computer

25I couldn't get a free refill because the pop machine wasn't logged in


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