Sometimes in relationships people find themselves losing the spark as they become more comfortable with each other. This is why it’s so important to keep things interesting every now and again. One way of doing this is by making your partner laugh and smile. A good joke can work wonders! We have compiled a list of funny boyfriends and husbands that are winning at relationships.

1I needed my wife and daughters to smile during a photo shoot, so I told a dad joke

2I sneak this ornament onto my wife’s meticulously decorated tree every Christmas. She has yet to notice in 3 years

3One of my girlfriend's Christmas presents arrived today. Wish me luck

4Girlfriend was curious about my new underwear, so I sent her a duck pic

5My husband Ian insisted that our new puppy Nala get her own stocking. I thought it was sweet until I realized he had ulterior motives

6My wife really likes it when I do house work so I sent her these pictures while she was at work hoping it would turn her on

7My husband is real mature. Couldn't leave the Crayola Experience without naming his own color. Payton is my mom's dog that will hump literally anything

8My wife's sister is coming to visit. I am getting the guest room ready

9My wife said I could decorate the guest bathroom as my own. Multiple screams have ensued

10My husband lost in his fantasy football league last year. He finally did his penance last Friday

11My wife wanted jewelry for Christmas. I don't think she'll be too happy

12My husband is an asshole

13The boyfriend got in trouble yesterday. He sent flours to my office today to apologize

14This is how my husband RSVP'd to his cousin's wedding

15The blanket that my husband got me for Christmas. It’s his face

16My boyfriend promised me a fancy dinner for our date

17I let my husband decorate the bathroom

18I'm 3 months pregnant with our first child, and today my husband bought this book 'to get some tips'

19My husband got a label maker last night. This is the adorable note he left me in the shower

20My husband started 17th grade (his master's program) on the same day my daughter started 5th grade. They’re both ecstatic about back to school

21I asked my husband to hand whip some heavy cream. Hear some strange noises and I walked in on this

22My husband writes me the best notes

23When I ask my husband to cut vents in the turkey pot pie

24Caught my husband red-handed. Thought he was working out

25My new date shirt. Wife wasn't impressed


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