When you’re fortunate enough to see a loved one exchange vows with their partner, it’s pretty hard to resist snapping a couple (hundred) photos. However, while it’s always fun to capture the heartwarming moments, nothing beats the classic candids and photobombs — or rather, the funny wedding pictures! As much as we all dream of having the perfect wedding, it’s actually the imperfect moments — like those unexpected delays and embarrassing mishaps — that make ceremonies even more special. These newlyweds were fortunate enough to capture some of the best moments, from surprising photobombs to hilarious bridal wardrobe malfunctions!

26Cat's reaction on their kissing

27Majestic Flowerman


29On their wedding day

30Bad choice.

31Getting ready for the wedding

32Weddings Can be Stressful

33National Geographic might want these

34She doesn't even look that impressed with it

35When your friend has a strange sense of humor

36Photobooth shoot

37White Batman

Jaden Smith wore a white Batman costume to Kim and Kanye's wedding

38Romanian Wedding

39What happens if you wait until your wedding day...

40This guy failed pretty hard

41When you're there to just drink

42Bane gives his regards

Tom Hardy waves at a bridal party while filming “The Dark Knight Rises” in Pittsburgh

43Enjoying at little too much

44When You Rip Your Pants

45Wedding crashed by a wave

46What could have possibly gone wrong

47Poor bride attacked by a squirrel

48Worst time for a bottle of champagne to misbehave

49Comfy Place

50Unlucky encounter with the church stairs


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