When you’re fortunate enough to see a loved one exchange vows with their partner, it’s pretty hard to resist snapping a couple (hundred) photos. However, while it’s always fun to capture the heartwarming moments, nothing beats the classic candids and photobombs — or rather, the funny wedding pictures! As much as we all dream of having the perfect wedding, it’s actually the imperfect moments — like those unexpected delays and embarrassing mishaps — that make ceremonies even more special. These newlyweds were fortunate enough to capture some of the best moments, from surprising photobombs to hilarious bridal wardrobe malfunctions!

1Drunk Wife



4That Crazy Uncle

5Stuck in the Middle


7Cat's Out of the Bag

8Booger Girl

9Nothing will stop him

10On the dance floor


12It is not what it looks like

13Bridal Party

14Bride Trips

15When photographer slips while taking a picture

16Trying to kick up dust

17You Can't Plan for Everything

18Backyard Wedding

19When photographer asks to laugh genuinely

20When you realize you left the oven on at home

21Happy wedding shower, Jana.

22Splitting pants dancing at a wedding

23So happy for them

24Epic wedding photobomb!

25Match the relatives


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