Whether he’s giving you a hard time about your fashion choices or making fun of your driving skills, there’s nothing like a funny dad who’s in the mood to joke around. Sure, their dad jokes may be lame, but we bet you can’t help but chuckle at these funny dad pictures. The photos of great dads on this list feature fathers in rare form as they tease, embarrass, and crack up their children with their hysterical antics.

So crack a smile as you reminisce over old incidents with your own dad, which you’ll probably find a lot funnier now than you did then. Sometimes it’s only in looking back that we can really see the love our dads put into humiliating us in public. So whether you’re a dad, dad-to-be or just the proud offspring of a great guy, we hope you enjoy these funny dad pictures!

51My dad has had Snapchat for one day

52Priorities, this dad has them

53He took a picture of his father during a live interview

54My buddy wins Fathers Day today. - 'I woke up today with a missed call from my mom and about 15 tags to beat the cheerio stack record. 10 hours later it has been broken'

55My Dad Never Smiles


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