When done right, taxidermy is a great way to memorialize an old pet or take pride in your hunting skills. But when done wrong, bad taxidermy can’t haunt your dreams. These taxidermy fails may make even the most decorated hunter think twice about bringing home their trophy. 

If you think you are mentally prepared, take a look at this shrine to the fallen animals who gave their lives only to be made into horrible (but funny) taxidermy. They may have to spend eternity looking surprised, crazy, or mangled, but at least they’ll get their fifteen minutes of fame. 

1You wouldn’t waste a rabbit

2Buck bag is the must-have accessory for Glastonbury this year

3When you're sitting in an exam and you can't remember the answer

4When you're bushwalking and stumble across a nudist colony

5When you're at a party with people you don't know and your only friend disappears

6After the third conviction for public nudity, Vladimir was facing some serious jail time

7When the Magic Eye finally comes into focus

8When you answer the doorbell and it's Jehovah's Witnesses

9When you don't lock the cubicle properly in the club

10The struggle is real

11When Elena hugs you

12Daphne really needs to tone down the botox, you know

13Honest, Officer, this is the first time I've broken the speed limit, I promise

14Merry Xmas Y'all

15Those toffee apples are so sticky man

16When Owlvis was the King

17When ur called 4 checking and u do whatz happening

18New profile shot is getting so many hits on Tinder

19Sparrow Rabbit from New Zealand

20Absent in person, but present in spirit

21When I look at myself

22Awkward Family Portraits

23What the hell happened last night, man

24Fez up son - we'll get you a plea bargain and you'll be out on probation in no time

25I'll have the confit duck entrée and the rabbit stew as a main


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