Christmas is the time to gift your family members, friends, and loved ones. We buy beautiful and expensive gifts for our loved ones. Design fails can happen anywhere, starting with clothes and ending with furniture, the awful design specimens can be found in all the aspects of our lives. Even such a sacred festivity as Christmas inevitably gets its fair share of epic fails in design.

Check out our list below features a whole host of merry merchandise and Christmas-themed ideas that didn’t quite turn out as expected. These hilarious design fails sure had a sloppy inspection process.

1Depressed Christmas

2Baby Jesus severed thumb Christmas ornament

3Terrifying hobby lobby Christmas ornament

4I'm already in the Christmas spirit

5My town's Christmas lights look like hangman's knots

6Mall Christmas tree

7These Christmas lights look naughty

8This nightmare of a Christmas ornament

9This Christmas sign is very confusing

10Christmas tree fail

11But which direction?

12Target is selling these for Christmas as 'Glass Trees'

13Confusing decoration

14Christmas tree was removed days later

15I used chocolate bells instead of kisses. Is it me or did I just make Christmas boobs?

16Spread them legs, Mr.Kringle

17But... Where did the snowflake come from?

18Nothing says Christmas like a buff, blue tailed, Catholic Merman, with a swaddled newborn baby, who for some reason is wearing a belt with fleshy belt loops

19How my mom wrapped my sister's rug for Christmas

20My dad made me these 'decorative trees' in his workshop for Christmas

21No thanks Santa you can skip my house

22My grandpa has the same Christmas tree for 74 years

23I sneak this ornament onto my wife’s meticulously decorated tree every Christmas, she has yet to notice in 3 years

24The cracker I got at my work’s Christmas lunch was a gun-shaped whistle. To blow it, you have to put the barrel in your mouth

25My grandma proudly presented her Christmas cookies that look like a candle


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