We’ve all come across babies who seem older than they really are — by about, um, 70 years. Often, it’s temporary. I, for one, looked like my mother’s tax accountant until I was six-months-old. And I’ve come across more than one infant who looks like they’d rather play solitaire on the computer than make dumb faces at millennials.

We have compiled a list of Benjamin Button style cute babies, who look like they came out of the womb already complaining about the room temperature and playing bingo. Some of these funny kids resemble superstar actors who became famous not for their Adonis-like looks, such as Danny DeVito and Steve Buscemi, while others in these baby pictures look like they traveled straight out of a Medieval painting (just a whole lot cuter).

51My son is only 2 weeks old but he's already mastered Blue Steel

52This is my older bother 30 years ago. He looks like an old evil genius

53Get this baby a Propecia prescription

54Admiring the sunrise

55She wants to retire before she loses any more hair


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