We’ve all come across babies who seem older than they really are — by about, um, 70 years. Often, it’s temporary. I, for one, looked like my mother’s tax accountant until I was six-months-old. And I’ve come across more than one infant who looks like they’d rather play solitaire on the computer than make dumb faces at millennials.

We have compiled a list of Benjamin Button style cute babies, who look like they came out of the womb already complaining about the room temperature and playing bingo. Some of these funny kids resemble superstar actors who became famous not for their Adonis-like looks, such as Danny DeVito and Steve Buscemi, while others in these baby pictures look like they traveled straight out of a Medieval painting (just a whole lot cuter).

26Pablo Escobar is still alive

27My friend's baby pictures look like Mrs. Doubtfire

28Baby Devito

29My 8-week old nephew finally retired today

30After a successful board meeting

31I would totally buy a used car from this kid

32Little Al Capone

33My friend's baby photo. I couldn't stop laughing

34Take the damn picture. I don’t get all day

35Get off my lawn and let me enjoy my Metamucil

36My nephew, Joseph is concocting his diabolical plan

37Born into a midlife crisis

38That baby looks jacked

39That baby is paying taxes

40My baby picture. I look like I just lost my job and my husband left me

41My son looked like Spock when he was an infant

422 months and eligible for Medicare and Senior discounts

43Baby grandpa

44My daughter looks like she lives in a van down by the river

45My daughter looks like Steve Buscemi

46My buddy's daughter looks like a mid-30s European man

47My wife said our daughter looks like a gang member. I don't see it

48My nephew looks like Bobby Moynihan

497 lbs 11oz, 81 years old

50They pulled him out before the memories from his previous life were forgotten


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