We’ve all come across babies who seem older than they really are — by about, um, 70 years. Often, it’s temporary. I, for one, looked like my mother’s tax accountant until I was six-months-old. And I’ve come across more than one infant who looks like they’d rather play solitaire on the computer than make dumb faces at millennials.

We have compiled a list of Benjamin Button style cute babies, who look like they came out of the womb already complaining about the room temperature and playing bingo. Some of these funny kids resemble superstar actors who became famous not for their Adonis-like looks, such as Danny DeVito and Steve Buscemi, while others in these baby pictures look like they traveled straight out of a Medieval painting (just a whole lot cuter).

1At 2 days old, my daughter has perfected the 'are they using my driveway to turn around?' look

2This baby was there on D-Day

3My son's christening tomorrow and the outfit my wife got him makes him look like a 1950's milk delivery man

4Photobooth made my 10-month-old daughter look like an old polish guy

5This baby looks like he’s ready to pour you a pint at his pub

6Should my son run for office?

7This baby looks exactly like Gordon Ramsay

8My baby cousin has hair that makes him look like a news anchorman

9So my friend's baby looks like Gandalf the White

10My son is practicing his 'Benevolent Dictator' wave

11Years and years of being a milkoholic has caught up to him

12My one-year-old girl as mental hospital ace Ventura

13Gramps is not impressed with the help at the new retirement home

14My Nephew looks like an 18-month-old and a 46-year-old insurance salesman at the same time

15My friend's baby looks like he just got done working out

16My Friend's baby looks like Wallace Shawn

17I used a makeup the app on my 1-year-old son and it turned him into a strong, independent woman who doesn't need any man

18My old college roommate had a baby recently. I'm convinced he looks like Michael Cera

19This baby was a mob boss in his previous life

20My son is basically a potato with hands and doesn't smile yet, but he does do this

21Steven Gerrard's baby looks like Happy Ed O'Neill

22My cousin's 3-week-old son looks at least 40

23My niece came out pissed

24This baby looks like a withered farmer

25This Baby looks like a middle-aged Irish man


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