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76Yamaguchi Gumi

Japan has the largest organized crime group in the world called Yamaguchi Gumi that is worth $80 billion. By contrast, Sinaloa, Mexico’s largest drug cartel, was worth $3 billion. - Source

77. There is a pepper grown in Japan called the Shishito pepper. Only 1 out of 10 is spicy and there is no way of knowing beforehand. - Source

78. There is a hotel named Henn-na Hotel in Japan which is staffed by robots. The check-in desk is an animatronic velociraptor. - Source

79. If you are being violent or drunk in Japan, the police will get a large futon and roll you into a little burrito. - Source

80. At one of Tokyo's busiest train stations, a rail line was converted from an above-ground line into a subway. There were zero service interruptions. The lowering of the rail line's tracks into its subway position was done in one night, during its normal service off hours lasting ~4 hours. - Source


Early movie theaters in Japan hired benshi, storytellers who sat next to the screen and narrated silent movies. They were descendants of kabuki jōruri, kōdan storytellers, and other forms of oral storytelling. With the advent of sound in films in the early 1930s, the benshi gradually disappeared.- Source

82. If you commit suicide in Japan by jumping onto an oncoming train or killing yourself in an apartment building, the train or building company can/will sue your family for clean up fees, loss of income and negative publicity brought on by your suicide. - Source

83. There is a skyscraper (Great Tower Building) that has a highway passing through its 5th, 6th, and 7th floors in Japan. The tower is the result of a strange compromise between the landowner and the Japanese government. The owner wanted to redevelop the building but the government had already planned the expressway.- Source

84. There is a penguin named Lala in Japan that wears a penguin backpack and goes into the market to eat fish. - Source

85. There is a small village named Shingo in Japan, which by its inhabitants is believed to be the last resting place of Jesus. They believe that instead of Jesus, his brother Isukiri died on the cross and Jesus fled to Japan to become a rice farmer.

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Japan has a sociological phenomena known as "Hikikomori", in which an estimated 1 million Japanese choose to completely isolate themselves from society by rarely or never leaving their homes.- Source

87. Beetle breeding is a $100 million industry in Japan. In 1999, a beetle specimen sold for 10,000,000 yen which was about $100,000 at the time. The industry used to be illegal which caused surges in beetle smuggling. In 2001, two Japanese men were arrested in Nepal for trying to smuggle out 542 beetles.- Source

88. People have found ancient stone tablets in Japan's recent tsunami struck areas with inscriptions "Do not build your homes below this point!"- Source

89. Surgical masks in Japan are not only used to prevent sickness but are used for fashion, warmth, and sometimes avoiding conversation with strangers. - Source

90. Tokyo has a bar that you can have drinks with penguins.

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There is a custom in Japan called "Namahage" in which men dressed up as demon-like monsters scare the children who are "guilty of laziness or bad behavior." While parents smile and laugh their children scream and cry in terror.- Source

92. There is a factory in Japan which can run unsupervised for 30 days at a time. Robots build other robots at the rate of 50 per 24-hour shift. Such factories are called "lights out" factories because no human presence is needed. FANUC has been operating this autonomous factory since 2001. - Source

93. In early feudal Japan, there was a class of female Samurai called Onna-Bugeisha who commonly engaged in battle alongside the men and were trained in the use of weapons to protect their household, family, and honor in times of war. - Source

94. The only Japanese who survived (Masabumi Hosono) the Titanic, lost his job because he was called a coward in Japan for not dying with the other passengers.- Source

95. In Japan, they have something called the "Happy Monday System" which aims to place as many state holidays as possible on Mondays in order to give those with a five-day work week more three day weekends. - Source

96Owl cafes

Owl cafes is a trend that is growing in Japan where you can have coffee with owls. - Source

97. The common raccoon did not inhabit Japan until 1977, the year when a popular anime caused many people to import them as pets, allowing many to escape into the wild. - Source

98. There is a “white man” café in Tokyo, where Japanese ladies ring a bell to summon tuxedo-wearing Caucasians who respond with “yes, princess?” and serve them a cake. - Source

99. Since the global ban on commercial whaling in 1986, Japan is thought to have killed more than 14,000 whales for alleged scientific-research. Their real motive behind whaling is to obtain whale meat which is a delicacy in Japan. - Source

100. In Japan, sometimes people organize a communal event called 'Rui-katsu' (tear-seeking), where people get together to watch sad clips and then cry to relieve stress.- Source


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