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50 WTF Human Body Facts You Should Know

26Hating own voice

The reason why we hate the recorded sound of our voice is that our skull changes the resonance of our voice from within and creates more bass. When we hear a digital recording of our voice, although slightly unfamiliar to ourselves, it’s exactly how other people hear it. - Source

27. There is a growing consensus that bare-knuckle boxing is safer than gloved boxing. The bones in the hand are considerably weaker than those in the skull, meaning the bare-knuckle fighter can’t punch with full force to the head.

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28. Men who do not have chest hair are deficient in a particular androgen or male hormones. - Source

29. When our inner voice speaks in our head, it is accompanied by subtle muscle movements from our larynx. - Source

30. Like fingerprints, ears are considered to be very unique and can be used to identify people. - Source

31Redhead sensitivity

People with red hair are more sensitive to thermal pain, are less sensitive to electrically induced pain, and require larger amounts of anesthetics than people without red hair due to a mutation in their melanocortin 1 receptor. - Source

32. Before agriculture, human jaws were a perfect fit for human teeth. The emergence of agricultural practices initiated major changes to the jaw structure of ancient humans, leading to dental problems we still experience. - Source

33. The human tongue is made of 8 different muscles, 4 of which (called the intrinsic muscles) are not even connected to a bone. - Source

34. Your resting tongue position differs based on what your first language is: English speakers tend to keep their tongues towards the top of their mouths. - Source

35. 20% of the genetic material in a typical human nasal swab is a biological dark matter that cannot be attributed to any of the existing categories of living organisms on Earth (bacteria, archaea, and eukaryotes).

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36Nasal cycles

Your nose constantly goes through “nasal cycles” where the 2 nasal cavities alternate being partially congested to enhance your sense of smell and help lighten the workload. - Source

37. Bloodhounds get 10 times more neuronal information from their nose than humans get from their eyes. - Source

38. People’s teeth used to randomly explode in the 1800s due to bad fillings. Before the advent of mercury amalgam, a wide variety of metals were used to fill cavities. Using two different metals could create an electrochemical cell, effectively turning the whole mouth into a low-volt battery. - Source

39. You have holes in your bottom eyelids. The punctum drains excess tears into your nose, which is why your nose runs when you cry. - Source

40. The reason why taking Pepto Bismol can cause your tongue and poop to turn black is because the active ingredient, Bismuth, reacts with the trace amounts of sulfur found in saliva and the gastrointestinal tract.

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41Tongue receptors

Although “bitter” has over 40 different types of receptors on the human tongue, “sweet” only has one. Being able to detect a greater range of “bitter” is evolutionarily advantageous because the bitter taste usually signifies potential toxin. - Source

42. A man with a chronic ear infection cured himself with his own earwax. He was given a number of drugs by doctors, but nothing worked. In desperation, he took earwax from his good ear and placed it in his bad. Two days later he was fine. - Source

43. The space extending from your nose to the center of your lips is called the Philtrum. It serves no function in humans but allows other mammals to carry moisture from the mouth to the nose pad to keep it wet which traps odor particles better than a dry nose pad. - Source

44. Modern biologists have reaffirmed the role of sexual selection in the evolution of beards, concluding that there is evidence that a preponderance of females finds mates with beards more attractive than mates without beards. - Source

45. There is one bone in the human body that is not connected to any other bones. The hyoid bone is located within the neck and is connected only by muscles and ligaments. It is used to help support the tongue, and aid in swallowing. - Source

46Strangling vs Choking

Strangling and choking are not the same things. Strangling cuts off blood flow through the neck while choking cuts off air flow. - Source

47. Your nose runs when it’s cold because the blood vessels get more blood to keep your nose warm. This causes the blood vessels to dilate and they produce more mucus. - Source

48. Stepping on a strand of hair can potentially allow it to embed itself deep into your skin causing a lot of pain. This is called a hair splinter. - Source

49. The more likely a man can grow a beard, the greater the risk he will go bald. - Source

50. The reason perfume is applied to necks and wrists, with behind the knees being the most ideal location, is because these are pulse points that will warm the perfume and release fragrance continuously. - Source

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