Have you ever wondered what might be lurking hidden in house? No, we’re not talking about ghosts or monsters: We’re talking about treasures that may have been left there years before, completely preserved undisturbed until someone discovers them. There are some truly unsettling stories of weird things founds in walls out there. We have curated a list of some of the creepiest, most horrifying, and downright weird things people have discovered hidden in their homes.

26My late grandma still had her tv operating guide from 1962

27My grandma has a Rugrats bandaid from 1997 in her medicine cabinet

28My grandma found some old cups my dad had as a kid. All the black men have turned green with age

29An authentic TV Guide from the moon landing found at my grandma’s

30This lamp at my Grandma's is made from a very old fire extinguisher

31My Grandpa's old 'Old Spice' collection

32My 11-year old son asked for & received a metal detector for Christmas. He took it out on my parent's property, and this was one of the first things he found. It does not belong to anyone in our family

33Pulled up the carpet at the house, and guess what I found?

34Newspaper from July 3, 1942, used as insulation in a house that was built then

35Found these old Crayola Crayon boxes at my parent's house

36I cracked open a nice 18-year-old tube of sealant

37This old racist grocery board has been in my roommate's family for a very long time

38A 111-year-old gold note we found under a couch during estate cleaning

39Found a bunch of the 50s or 60s nestle chocolates underneath our house. They are hard as stone and write like chalk

40Red army vodka ammo box I found in my granddad's basement

41Found some old bottles inside my 1949 built home while tearing down a wall

421980s Cheetos bag found in my floor joist during my bathroom remodel

43Found in the basement, a set of stackable Wendy's cheeseburger coasters

44My granny was going through her jewelry box and found a 2 1/2 dollar coin

45My old Barbie TV looks like it's playing 9/11

46My mate accidentally put a hole in his wall and found an old hidden safe

47My mom has an old lamp with the original pledge of allegiance on it

48My grandparents have a pot holder so old that the phone number of the company is only four digits

49Found my old Nickelodeon clock and it is still working

50Pulled up the carpet to find 100-year-old newspaper almost perfectly legible


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