Have you ever wondered what might be lurking hidden in house? No, we’re not talking about ghosts or monsters: We’re talking about treasures that may have been left there years before, completely preserved undisturbed until someone discovers them. There are some truly unsettling stories of weird things founds in walls out there. We have curated a list of some of the creepiest, most horrifying, and downright weird things people have discovered hidden in their homes.

1Found a travel brochure from the World Trade Center while cleaning out my house

2My girlfriend found an old ticket stub of hers to the top of the World Trade Center dated 08/11/01

3A friend tore down his wall for renovations and found this mural on another wall behind it

4Found my wallet from 1985 in an old jacket. Snapshot of a teenage boy living in the 80s

5McDonald’s cup found in a wall during a kitchen renovation

6We found a safe behind a fake electrical socket in our new house

7A railway ticket we found in our barn. The stamp on the back says Aug 18, 1890

8I found a key inside my wall

9I found a child’s time capsule while digging in my yard

10Found a gun buried underneath a friend's house in Germany

11I found this old calculator in my great grandmother's attic

12A decade-old banana my dad found in his ski jacket

13Old seven-up bottlers flavor I found at grandma's house

14Collection of reference seeds found in my Grandad’s attic

15I found perfectly preserved cans in a wall I was demolishing

16Found an uncut sheet of Pokemon cards in a closet in my girlfriend's parents house

17While packing my house I found a small soap from a country that no longer exists

18These condoms are around 60 years old. (found in my basement)

19Found some nice drawings under the wallpaper I'm removing

20My mom found the ticket from her first Beatles concert, from 1964

21I found this locked safe under the carpet of an estate home I recently purchased

22Found some AOL sunscreen at grandma's house

23While renovating my basement we found this painting on the cement behind the wall

24Treasure found in a home remodel

25Redoing a floor and found this newspaper from August 30, 1939, that mentions Hitler favoring peace


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