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In 1973, IBM offered its UPC barcode proposal to the grocery industry for free. The industry accepted a very close standard to their proposal. However, IBM also made the first technology capable of reading the barcodes and made tons of money selling the equipment to grocery stores. - Source

2. The Simpsons' episode guest starring Lady Gaga is the lowest rated episode in the show's history. - Source

3. A woman suffers from a rare genetic condition known as Urbach-Wiethe disease which hardens the amygdala. This has rendered her literally fearless. Scientists have exposed her to potentially terrifying experiences and none of them scared her. - Source

4. The red liquid seeping out of a cooked rare steak isn't blood. It is, in fact, a mixture of a protein called 'Myoglobin' and water. Myoglobin helps muscle tissue store oxygen and just like Hemoglobin, contains iron that turns red when it binds with oxygen. - Source

5. Ray Bradbury wrote the first draft of "Fahrenheit 451" on a coin-operated typewriter in the basement of the UCLA library. It charged 10¢ for 30 minutes, and he spent $9.80 in total at the machine. - Source

6Theo Albrecht

Theo Albrecht, co-founder of the discount store Aldi, negotiated his own ransom when he was kidnapped and held for 17 days. He later won tax relief on the ransom payment claiming it was a business expense. - Source

7. In France, postmen will soon also have the job of checking on elderly citizens who live alone. - Source

8. In the US, peanut butter must contain 90% peanuts, otherwise, it must be called "peanut spread". - Source

9. Narcotizing Dysfunction is a theory where you obsessively follow the news until it tricks your brain that you are doing something about it when in reality you are doing sh*t. - Source

10. The United States avoided the thalidomide tragedy because FDA inspector Frances Kelsey blocked its approval based on lack of safety data despite pressure from her FDA supervisors and the pharmaceutical company. Meanwhile, 10,000 thalidomide babies were born in Europe, Australia, and Japan

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11Listening Ears

Massive concrete acoustic mirrors, or “listening ears,” were built in England between the world wars to monitor the skies for the telltale sounds of airborne invasion. - Source

12. Russia has “closed cities”, cities that have restrictions on visitors and are sometimes omitted from maps. - Source

13. Ken Jeong would add little inside jokes into the Hangover movie to make his wife, who was battling breast cancer, laugh when she watched it. - Source

14. The oldest company (Kongō-Gumi) in the world was a Buddhist Temple builder that had been in business continually for 1,428 years before succumbing to financial difficulties in 2006. - Source

15. After the assassination of Julius Caesar, a large comet hit the Earth's atmosphere. It was seen in Rome and China and may have been brightest daylight comet in recorded history. It led to Caesar being deified, an Imperial Cult, and the building of the 'Temple of the Comet Star'.

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In 1493, Columbus mistook manatees for mermaids and wrote: “They are not so beautiful as they are said to be, for their faces had some masculine traits." - Source

17. Barbara Walters told Corey Feldman "you're damaging an entire industry", when he came forward about Hollywood abuse. - Source

18. There is no such character as the "Mad Hatter" in Alice In Wonderland, only "The Hatter". He had a mad tea party and the two concepts merged. - Source

19. From 1933 until 1977 there was a Presidential Yacht, but it was sold off by Jimmy Carter, and today raccoons live in it. - Source

20. Soviet leader Konstantin Chernenko started smoking at the age of 9. He died after only 13 months in office, the third Soviet leader to die during Reagan's presidency. When informed, Reagan remarked, "How am I supposed to get anyplace with the Russians if they keep dying on me?" - Source

21Hailie homecoming

Eminem watched his daughter, Hailie, get crowned homecoming queen from an empty classroom in the school because he didn't want to take the attention away from her. - Source

22. The musical Hamilton has over 20,000 words and would take 4-6 hours to perform if songs were sung at traditional musical paces. - Source

23. John Favreau credits Dungeons & Dragons with giving him a really strong background in imagination, storytelling, understanding how to create tone and a sense of balance. - Source

24. Taylor Mitchell was a 19-year old Canadian Country Folk singer who is the only known adult to have ever been killed by coyotes. She was killed by coyotes while hiking in 2009. Her death shocked wildlife experts and forced them to reassess the threat that coyotes pose to people.- Source

25. Tennis balls were traditionally black or white. They were changed to yellow in 1972 after research showed they were more visible on television. - Source


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