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Dolphins will play with whales by lying on the whale's head while the whale slowly raises it above the water's surface. - Source

2. The police in China are forcing drivers to stare into full-beam headlights as a punishment for dazzling others. - Source

3. There is a Museum of Broken Relationships in Croatia. You can go and leave there personal objects left by former lovers, accompanied by brief descriptions. - Source

4. The generation born between 1925 and 1945 is called the "silent generation" because many focused on their careers rather than on activism, and people in it were largely encouraged to conform with social norms." - Source

5. The coins that are tossed into many of the world's most famous fountains are collected and donated to charities. The Trevi Fountain in Italy alone collects about $15,000 a week! - Source

6Jesse Spencer

Jesse Spencer, the actor who plays Dr. Chase in House M.D., has three siblings, all of whom are doctors. - Source

7. In order to eliminate gender bias, many orchestras use blind auditions in which the candidates play their instrument behind a screen. - Source

8. If you send a letter to Israel addressed to God, they will place it in the Western Wall, where visitors traditionally place handwritten notes of prayer and wishes in the cracks between its stones. - Source

9. The bald eagle hasn't been considered an endangered species since 2007. - Source

10. There are only 6 ingredients in Spam: ham, salt, water, sugar, sodium nitrite and potato starch.

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11Jean-Paul Sartre

A French philosopher named Jean-Paul Sartre hallucinated seeing crabs for most of his life after taking mescaline (psychedelic alkaloid). - Source

12. A 75-yr-old woman took shelter from a tornado in her bathtub. The tornado ripped off the roof of her house, lifted the tub out of her bathroom, and deposited it in the woods with the uninjured woman still in it. - Source

13. Breast milk contains sugars which aren't digestible by human infants, but which serve as food for desirable gut bacteria. - Source

14. When famed reclusive author Thomas Pynchon appeared as himself on The Simpsons, he refused to speak one of the lines in which he was supposed to call Homer a "fat a*s," arguing he couldn't possibly say anything bad about his "role model". - Source

15. President James A. Garfield likely died of starvation after doctors insisted he be fed rectally after an assassination attempt.

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16Whataburger and What-a-burger

Whataburger and What-a-burger are both different restaurants that opened on the same day without the knowledge of each other's existence. - Source

17. The parody Twitter account DPRK_News has been quoted by the New York Times, the Washington Post, Newsweek, and Fox News as if speaking for the real North Korean state news agency. - Source

18. Police officer James Niggemeyer who took out Dimebag Darrell's killer was so affected by the incident that he had to give up his career due to PTSD and severe anxiety disorder. - Source

19. "The Nightmare Before Christmas" is based on a poem Tim Burton wrote in 1982 while working at Disney, who had purchased the film rights but felt it was too weird. Years later (after being fired from Disney) Tim realized they still owned the rights and convinced Disney to greenlight the movie. - Source

20. "Chemo curls" is a documented phenomenon that can occur after chemotherapy where one's hair structure can completely change from blonde to dark and/or straight to curly and vise versa. - Source


Several high school friends formed the Committee to End Pay Toilets in America (CEPTIA) in 1968, which eventually led to laws banning pay toilets in several states. - Source

22. Despite its name, "Jimmy Kimmel Live!", the show hasn't actually aired live since 2004, when censors were unable to properly bleep a swearing rant from actor Thomas Jane. - Source

23. Danny DeVito was hired for TV show Taxi after he came in for the audition during a long casting process and said: "Which of you guys wrote this sh*t"? - Source

24. Armadillos of the genus Dasypus (the only ones found in the US) give birth to four genetically identical young that split from the same embryo; i.e. they always have identical quadruplets. They are the only known vertebrate animals to exhibit this "polyembryony". - Source

25. The cast/crew of Star Wars: A New Hope flew coach to England due to a low budget. Carrie Fisher's mother, Debbie Reynolds, called George Lucas to complain about her daughter flying coach. Fisher took the phone from Lucas and said "Mother, I want to fly coach, will you fu*k off?!" and hung up. - Source


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