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120 Foot Tall mushrooms

350 million years ago, when the newly evolved trees were just 1 foot in height, the landscape was dominated by giant 20-foot tall mushrooms.

2. The Iranian Embassy in Washington, D.C. in the 1970s was an extravagant nonstop party-house that attracted movie stars, politicians, and socialites alike to partake in endless decadence and hedonism, from champagne and caviar to sexual favors and recreational drugs.

3. Robin William's son, Zak Williams, has an MBA from Columbia and uses it to help educate inmates at San Quentin prison about finance.

4. Small plastic spheres (shade balls) are floated on top of reservoirs to help stop evaporation during droughts.

5. A recalled obesity drug, fenfluramine, had a remarkable effect on a boy with autism. Before taking fenfluramine, Joshua's I.Q. was so low it could not be measured. After, he was able to read and do maths at a 4th-grade level.

6Benjamin Franklin

During a renovation in 1998 over a dozen bodies were found buried in Benjamin Franklin’s former house. The bodies were dated to the timeframe when he lived there.

7. Italian footballer Mario Balotelli was asked by a reporter why he refused to celebrate his goals. He responded: "Because I'm only doing my job. When a postman delivers letters, does he celebrate?"

8. When Carthaginian explorer Hanno reached the Ivory Coast around 600-500 B.C., he thought Gorillas were a race of humans and tried to capture some. He ended up killing them for being too violent and took their skins back to Carthage to put on display.

9. In 1953, an Anglican priest founded the Samaritans, the world's first crisis suicide hotline. He was inspired to do so after serving the funeral of a 14-year-old girl who committed suicide because she had begun to menstruate and feared that she had a sexually transmitted disease.

10. For the questionnaire of the 1897 census in Russia, in the field "Occupation", Tsar Nicholas II wrote in:"Owner of Russia".

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11Mountain lions

Los Angeles and its suburbs, home to 19 million people, is the only megacity in the world where mountain lions live side by side with humans.

12. When Carl Jung (Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst) and Sigmund Freud (Austrian neurologist) met for the first time, they talked for 13 hours straight.

13. In Marvel Comics, Doctor Doom's armor contains splinters of the True Cross in order to protect himself from vampires.

14. In 2017, a chess grandmaster (Hou Yifan) threw the final round of a tournament in protest of having repeatedly been made to play women. She turned down the chance to defend her women’s world title to play mixed matches and randomly drew 7 women out of 10 rounds. The 5 move loss is the quickest ever by a grandmaster.

15. Brad Pitt's younger brother, Douglas Pitt, is the first American to have scaled Mount Kilimanjaro and descended on a mountain bike.

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16Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler was nicknamed "Teppichfresser", or "Carpet-Eater", behind his back by party leaders. He would have nervous breakdowns over Czechoslovakia and hurl himself onto the ground to start chewing on his carpet.

17. In 2003, a wildlife photographer watched as a full grown wild Alaskan Wolf approached his dog. It turned out to be friendly and started playing with them. It even had a stash of toys. It would bring a Styrofoam float over for the photographer to throw. The wolf was named Romeo by locals and died in 2010.

18. The Jetsons/Flintstones theory: The theory states that The Jetsons live in the past while The Flintstones live in the future. Because of nuclear fallout, people were forced to build a city in the sky. After the Earth recovered years later, people reclaimed it, resulting in the Flintstones time.

19. When you turn 100 in Japan, the Prime Minister sends you a silver cup to celebrate. So many people are turning 100 that they had to find a way to make cheaper cups.

20. A Russian billionaire named Dmitry Itskov is working on a project known as the 2045 initiative with the end goal of it being to create a complete working model of a person's brain and putting it in a robotic body. He hopes of completing it by 2045.

21French dip sandwich

The French dip sandwich originated from Los Angeles, United States, where French refers to the style of bread and not the birthplace.

22. Emilia Clarke once did a cameo for Futurama, playing a character that didn't have a sense of smell and fell in love with Zoidberg.

23. A man was charged for threatening to kill his wife and newborn son with a knife. The woman remarried and her son legally changed his name to that of his step-father. The boy went on to become the President of the United States. His name was Gerald Ford and he was the 38th President of the United States.

24. The word "Goodbye", an English parting phrase used in the West, is a contraction of "God be by ye".

25. Tom Berenger once owned a restaurant called Twins, where the waitstaff consisted of 29 sets of identical twins.


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