People often take the job of the police for granted. You’d think there would be no room for police humor, but think again. What most of us don’t know is that being a cop entails a risky and demanding responsibility. Enforcing laws, responding to calls, making arrests and conducting patrol duties and just some of the jobs. And it’s all to serve and protect people by all means. That is to say, being a police officer is as not as easy as pie. Every day is fraught with danger where they must run into every sort of dangerous situation and person.

In spite of this, police officers are just like us. They also need to have a break and have some fun from time to time. And when cops get hilariously creative, things can get more amusing. So bring out your donuts and have a laugh at these funny examples of police humor that show the fun side being a cop.

51SWAT officer dressed as Spider-Man, To surprise kids from hospital windows

52An officer saw a toddler driving his truck, pull him over & gave him his first ticket. Fort McMurray, Canada

53What seems to be the problem officer

54A police officer finds out the hard way that motorcycles don't park nicely on grass [OC]

55When the police rock up at your house and they are more interested in your bearded dragon than you

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56And here we see the young police car, hunting for the first time without its mother

57Man, 20, arrested for DUI took Snapchat selfie with arresting officer

58Police officer shot in head while returning fire into a crowd of people

59I was wondering why the police had so many Cadillacs lately

60The Swedish police posted this on their official Facebook page during a music festival with the text: "It's da sound of da police".


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