People often take the job of the police for granted. You’d think there would be no room for police humor, but think again. What most of us don’t know is that being a cop entails a risky and demanding responsibility. Enforcing laws, responding to calls, making arrests and conducting patrol duties and just some of the jobs. And it’s all to serve and protect people by all means. That is to say, being a police officer is as not as easy as pie. Every day is fraught with danger where they must run into every sort of dangerous situation and person.

In spite of this, police officers are just like us. They also need to have a break and have some fun from time to time. And when cops get hilariously creative, things can get more amusing. So bring out your donuts and have a laugh at these funny examples of police humor that show the fun side being a cop.

26Virginia State Police in the snow storm

27My friend's dad just got a police escort at Summerfest because they thought he was Paul McCartney

28Police department newspaper ad on 420

29My local police department has a sense of humor

30An officer breaks down when his local feeding ground is shut down

31British police at Notting Hill carnival

32Unnecessary quotation marks on a marked police car

33Duke was helping me study for the sergeant’s exam

34NYPD officer and dog enjoying St. Patrick's day

35Russian special police force 'OMOH' in mirror

36Police Sniper cloaked under a towel at an Orlando area hospital during a standoff with a suspect

37Yesterday a Swedish police officer borrowed a snow sled from some neighborhood kids

38A prank at my university left a police officer absolutely dumbfounded

39Stuck at work all day no restaurants are open and my officer stands at my window like...

40Sacramento police department had a 'high-speed chase' today

41The real enemy of police officers

42From an open carry demonstration at Kent State University yesterday

43Dads a corrections officer (me) and moms a medical director at the prison. We figured it was only right

44How Police deal with drunks here in the UK

45The Toronto police took this boy trick or treating around the precinct after no one picked him up from school and they couldn’t reach any relatives

46Got him

47Pixar presents police cars

48Darth Vader taking care of the local police force

49My local police force decided to do a virtual ride along on Twitter. 4 Hours in and the officer locked himself out of his car

50So Indian Police had a guy dress up as God of Death to chase people not wearing helmets


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