People often take the job of the police for granted. You’d think there would be no room for police humor, but think again. What most of us don’t know is that being a cop entails a risky and demanding responsibility. Enforcing laws, responding to calls, making arrests and conducting patrol duties and just some of the jobs. And it’s all to serve and protect people by all means. That is to say, being a police officer is as not as easy as pie. Every day is fraught with danger where they must run into every sort of dangerous situation and person.

In spite of this, police officers are just like us. They also need to have a break and have some fun from time to time. And when cops get hilariously creative, things can get more amusing. So bring out your donuts and have a laugh at these funny examples of police humor that show the fun side being a cop.

1Kansas City fire department saves Kansas City police department from elevator

2Police dog after sniffing drugs all day

3My iguana ran away out the back door. The police dept found him. I had to pick up my iguana from jail

4Local Police department posted this with the caption, "We've been training all year for this day."

5Cool Iowa State/ Ames police on 420

6As a police officer assigned to a middle school, I had to get my back to school picture done. I hope my wife packed a juice box

7A traffic police officer in front of a primary school

8Police in Montreal are refusing to wear their work pants as part of a labor dispute

9Canadian police on the job

10Some cop in my hometown winning Halloween

11Cop beats the black man in New York

12I started chatting with a local police officer today, and asked him what I could do to let my parents know I was having a good time at my first day of college. He suggested taking this photo

13When you take a selfie with Aussie cops

14He has been terrorizing our community and was finally cornered by multiple police units last night. Good work, boys

15A cop poses beside a spray graffiti in Brazil that says: R$ 20.000,00 is rewarded to kill the mustachioed cop from the local police

16A new Krispy Kreme has opened up in my buddies home town and the cops are having fun with it

17The cop came into my costume shop today

18Picture of a cop haulin' ass

19My sister took this picture of a cop

20May the force be with you

21Cop at my university forgot his bicycle lock. So he improvised

22Philly cop car got its wheels jacked

23Police stop at a Canadian half marathon

24Police are savage

25The picture was taken a bit soon, but this is an officer from our town visiting the the local skate park. He landed this frontside board slide in 30lbs of police gear an boots


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