Even stumbled upon something so creepy that it made your hair stand on end? Well here are pictures of things people stumbled upon which you’ll find something strange, unexpected or creepy. Maybe you’ll even get a little scared. With some explanation, some photos may ease your nerves but this may not be the case with all of them.

1Hello there, I was expecting you

2Funeral in the front yard

3Creepy Mushrooms

4Carved pearls

5This is a sculpture in a children's park

6Mossy Graveyard

7An exhibit at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

8Creepy photo from the residence of former Ukrainian president

9Gas masks on the floor of a school in Pripyat inside the Chernobyl exclusion zone, Ukraine

10Way, way more effective than a no trespassing sign

11Creepy House

12What is this? I don't even

13If you print on the wrong side of inkjet photo paper it turns out very creepy

14Intestinal Worms

15Hermit crab using a discarded doll head for a shell

16The grand chandelier in the Bone Church at Prague

17A little jar of nightmares

18This hornet's nest with a human face will haunt your nightmares forever

19NASA’s Curiosity rover MastCam on Aug 14, 2014, spotted what some to believe is a thigh bone

20Creepy Sculpture in the yard

21This TV glitch

22It's a mannequin

23This Mannequin

24Murder of Crows

25Ship's hull looks like a giant fish mouth


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