Textbooks can be pretty boring. All those facts, all those graphs, all those diagrams. No wonder kids struggle to concentrate in school. But although it seems like they’re written by robots, a rogue bunch of authors have taken it upon themselves to inject a modicum of humor into these otherwise dry publications. Sometimes they also tend to make mistakes, which just makes it through to publishing. Take a look at this list of textbook fails compiled by PiQueen.

1Thanks, $350 college textbook

2This is from a college Human Sexuality textbook

3A page from my college psych textbook

4Why is my college textbook so expensive, when they didn't even pay for the images they used?

5Art history textbook without any art

6Found in my little brother's textbook

7Saw this in my psych textbook. It made me laugh

8Found in my web design textbook. A+

9Greatest correction ever from my college writing textbook

10My college textbook needs to show me what a table of random numbers looks like

11The students in my textbook are holding the textbook they are modeling for

12My stats textbook author must have hated his life. Found this is the glossary.

13Just saw this written on the back of a textbook

14Well played chemistry textbook

15My physics textbook is old-school

16Pretty cool extract in my psychology textbook explaining cultural bias in IQ testing

17This textbook uses donuts to explain social media

18This was in my friend's Biology textbook

19Diverse Group of Students on a Canadian Textbook

20That's an interesting question, math textbook

21I found this in my Chinese textbook

22I found this in my psychology textbook

23So I found Nicolas Cage in a Mexican history textbook today

24This is in my textbook

25This law textbook has some interesting cases


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