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26Dense Bones

There is a mutation that causes your bones to become super dense, filling life with inconveniences such as sinking like a rock and walking away from automobile accidents without a single fracture.- Source

27. The “ashes” you get after cremation is crushed bone, as the rest of the body (organic matter) vaporizes at high temperatures.- Source

28. Humans have about 100 million neurons, dubbed the ‘second brain’, embedded in the walls of the long tube of our gut, or alimentary canal, running from the esophagus to the anus. This enteric nervous system enables us to “feel” the inner world of our gut and its contents.- Source

29. The total surface area of all the alveoli in your lungs is about the size of a tennis court.- Source

30. Males may have evolved facial features specifically designed to take a punch. Researchers found that facial bones commonly broken during a fight grew more resilient as time progressed and were the same bones that showed the most divergence between males and females.- Source

31Phossy Jaw

Matches used to be made with toxic white phosphorus. It was so toxic that workers often contracted "Phossy Jaw," causing their face to rot away and their bones to literally glow in the dark.- Source

32. If a child loses their fingertip, it may sometimes grow back (nail, bone and all), though without a fingerprint.- Source

33. Osteogenesis imperfecta is a bone disorder in children that causes their bones to be extremely, easily broken, and parents are being sent to prison for child abuse because the disorder is very often overlooked or misdiagnosed.- Source

34. Humans have odor receptors in the lung.- Source

35. It’s possible to die from Secondary Drowning. After someone comes close to drowning, the fluid trapped in their lungs can kill them hours later.

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36Marrow Transplants

Bone marrow transplant recipients often inherit the donor’s immunities and allergies. - Source

37. Codeine is broken down in the liver to become morphine and that’s why it’s such an effective painkiller. - Source

38. Astronauts lose on average 1% of their bone mass a month, most of which is excreted in their urine. They literally pee their skeleton out.- Source

39. Rabies causes hydrophobia, where just the thought of drinking water or seeing water, causes intense clench throat spasms, so the victim cannot swallow the frothy saliva forming in their mouth. The foam is infected heavily with the live virus which increases disease transmission through biting.- Source

40. An adult gets a whole new skeleton every 10 years due to constant bone remodeling.

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The word ‘bonfire’ was a Middle English word to describe a large fire of bones typically used for cremation during plagues or wars.- Source

42. Gouverneur Morris, a signer of the United States Constitution, died while attempting to clear a urinary tract blockage using a piece of whale bone as a catheter.- Source

43. Hookworm larvae burrow through the bottom of feet, swim through the blood and into the lungs, crawl up the trachea, get swallowed in the esophagus into the stomach, and then journey to the intestines to mature, reproduce, and lay eggs.- Source

44. Hiccups are a holdover from early evolution when early land animals had both gills and lungs.- Source

45. A pair of human feet consist of 52 bones and account for 25% of all bones in the body.- Source

46Camel Bites

Camel bites can cause your bones to dissolve.- Source

47. Armstrong’s Limit is the altitude above which no human can survive without pressurization, even if using an oxygen mask. Water in the lungs will boil at body temperature, due to the reduced pressure. Above Earth, this begins 18–19 km (60,000–60,000 ft) above sea level.- Source

48. Abby & Brittany Hensel are extremely rare adult conjoined twins with two heads and one body. They can each feel and control the one arm and the leg on their side. They can write, run, play sports, drive a car, are social butterflies, and generally live normally.- Source

49. Coca-Cola has been used effectively as a first line treatment for phytobezoars, a trapped mass in the stomach composed of indigestible plant material which can lead to serious symptoms. 93.1% cases were resolved.- Source

50. Doctors don’t bother lining up the bones when an infant breaks a bone. A bodily process called remodeling heals the bone in two weeks, and reshapes the bone back to normal in a couple of months.- Source


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