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1The Last World

The 1997 video game "The Lost World: Jurassic Park", had a secret ending where Jeff Goldblum implored the gamer to stop playing computer games, go outside, talk to opposite sex and live their lives. - Source

2. Stranger Things was allegedly based on Project Montauk, a supposed secret government program involving the kidnapping of children for use in mind control experiments. - Source

3. A man created an armored bulldozer in secret and used it to exact revenge on a town before killing himself. It cost the town $7 million in damages. - Source

4. In 2000, Over 1000 priceless books disappeared from a mountaintop abbey in France to the confusion of the monks and the local police, despite reinforcing the library's doors and changing its locks. Turned out the culprit was using a long-forgotten secret passageway found in the public archives. - Source

5. Thomas Edison taught his second wife (Mina Miller) Morse code to tap out messages on his arm so that they could communicate in secret in front of her parents. - Source

6Atari Adventure

The first known Easter egg in a video game was a secret room in Atari Adventure (1979) that credited the game's developer, Warren Robinett. Atari did not allow their developers to be credited at the time so Robinett added the feature, told no one, and quit before anything could be done about it. - Source

7. In 1940, 11-year-old Audrey Hepburn studied ballet in occupied Holland. To aid the resistance, the students performed in secret while Nazi patrols roamed nearby. Applause was forbidden, and later Hepburn said, "The best audience I ever had made not a single sound at the end of my performance." - Source

8. In 1955, Sears published a phone number that kids could use to "call Santa". However, due to a misprint, the number Sears printed redirected to NORAD's top secret emergency line. Rather than having the ad pulled, NORAD decided to "track" Santa's progress, which they continue to do to this day. - Source

9. A wanted robber known as "Roofman" (Jeffrey Allen Manchester ) created a secret hideout inside a Toys "R" Us. He played with toys, watched DVDs, ate baby food, and installed a baby video monitor to keep an eye on the store. - Source

10. Author Joe Hill was so determined to keep it a secret that he was Stephen King's son, his own agent didn't know for 10 years.

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In order to keep the project a secret, the British army used the innocuous name "mobile water carriers" for a motorized weapons project which is the reason we call them "tanks". - Source

12. Red cell was a team of ex-navy seals tasked to take over military bases, kidnap and take hostage VIPs, steal top secret info, and even infiltrate Air Force One in order to expose security flaws. - Source

13. All modern color printers print a secret, nearly invisible code onto every page to allow governments to track the serial number and timestamps. - Source

14. In 2004, the Parisian police in an uncharted area of the Paris Catacombs found a secret room with a stocked bar and restaurant. They returned to trace the installed power and phone lines to discover they had been cut, with a note left behind reading, "Do not try and find us." - Source

15. In 1997, a wife divorced her husband after she won over $1 million. She kept it a secret but after he found out he sued her to get half. The judge ended up awarding all the wife's winnings to the husband.

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16Pascagoula Abduction

In 1979, two men arrived at a sheriff's office claiming to have been abducted by aliens with lobster- claw hands. Left alone in a room with a secret recording device to expose their lie, they instead continued to talk in "terribly distressed" voices about the abduction. - Source

17. The Powerpuff Girls were originally called the "Whoopass Girls" by their creator who did the pilot as a college project. The "secret ingredient" in their creation was accidentally spilling a can of Whoopass into the pot. - Source

18. The Original Illuminati was an Enlightenment-era secret society in Bavaria created on May 1st, 1776. The society's goals were to oppose superstition, prejudice, religious influence over public life and abuses of state power, and to support women's education and gender equality. - Source

19. In 1977, William Kampiles stole a top-secret KH-11 spy satellite manual from the CIA which he sold to the Russians for $3000. He then told the CIA for whom he worked, what he had done, in the hopes that they would hire him as a double agent. They didn't and he was sentenced to 40 years in prison. - Source

20. When Richard Nixon's secret "enemy list" was leaked to the media, journalist Daniel Schorr read the names on live TV. Not having read it before going on air, he was surprised to see his own name as number 17. - Source


While at the toilet, president Carter hit a secret "panic button" thinking it was a flush toilet button and Secret Service responded by bursting into the room while the president was still zipping up his trousers. - Source

22. The UK still retains 18 Queen's Messengers, who hand deliver secret documents to British embassies worldwide, traveling undercover in business class. The diplomatic package has its own "passport", as though it's a human being, and is exempt from being searched or x-rayed by airport security. - Source

23. The Rothschilds had such an efficient system of couriers that they knew Napoleon had lost at Waterloo a day before the government did. Nathan Rothschild kept it secret and immediately bought up the government bond market. He then sold the bonds for an enormous 40% profit two years later. - Source

24. Beneath the streets of Los Angeles is a complex network of pedestrian tunnels that stretch several blocks. They've been used for secret transportation of mobsters, murderers and more than a billion dollars in cash; designated as fallout shelters and homeless shelters and used as backdrops for movies. - Source

25. Until 1993, the BT Tower was an official state secret despite being a 177-metre tall structure in the middle of central London that was open to the public. - Source


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