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1Pine Ridge Native American Reservation

1 in 4 children born on the Pine Ridge Native American Reservation is born with fetal alcohol syndrome.

2. In 1763, a vigilante group named the Paxton Boys massacred the Conestoga Indian tribe, near Lancaster Pennsylvania. The few tribesmen that survived were put in jail to protect them. The jail was later broken into and the Indians were slaughtered.

3. When General Lee surrendered at the end of the Civil War, he saw that Grant's military secretary, Ely Parker, was a Seneca Indian and said: “ I am glad to see one real American here,” to which Parker responded: “We are all Americans”.

4. Grizzly bears were so feared and respected by Native Americans that hunting them required a company of 4 to 10 warriors and was done with the same preparation and ceremony as intertribal warfare.

5. The Shakopee Mdewakanton Tribe is the richest Native American Tribe, with each member being paid $1 million per year in casino profits. There is a voluntary 99.2% unemployment rate within the tribe.

6Aka tribe

In the Aka tribe of Central Africa the male and female roles are virtually interchangeable. Women hunt, men mind the children and vice versa. Men spend 47% of their time within reach of their kids, more than any other society, and even let them suckle.

7. A young Xhosa girl named Nongqawuse had a vision instructing the tribe to kill all the cattle and destroy the crops, as a sacrifice to the ancestors who would rise up and drive the white settlers into the sea. Thus began the 'Great Cattle Killing' after which over 40,000 Xhosa died in the resulting famine.

8. Midway through the Great Irish Famine (1845–1849), a group of Choctaw Indians collected $710 and sent it to help the starving victims. It had been just 16 years since the Choctaw people had experienced the Trail of Tears and faced their own starvation.

9. Words such as moose, skunk, raccoon, pecan, and squash, all originate from the language of the now-extinct Algonquian tribe, which inhabited what is now Roanoke Island.

10. There is a place in Mongolia named Ikh Khorig that was declared sacred by Genghis Khan. The only people allowed to enter were the Mongol Royal Family and a tribe of elite warriors, the darkhat, whose job it was to guard it, punishment for entering being death. They carried out their task for 697 years, until 1924.

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11Indian Student Placement Program

From 1956 to 1996 the Mormon Church operated a program where Native American kids would be baptized and placed in Mormon foster homes, thinking it would "lighten" them. It was based on the Mormon belief that Native Americans were originally white until God punished them by making them darker.

12. According to the 1995 census, the majority of American Indians prefer the term "Indian" over "Native American" in referring to them.

13. A black fur trader in the American West got captured by a band of Crow Indians and got mistaken for a Chief's long-lost son. He eventually became their Chief (James Beckwourth) himself.

14. There are a group of Native Americans named Tarahumara people in Mexico who run 200 miles in one session and hunt by running their prey to death.

15. The Bayanzi tribe of the Congo had a unique way of execution via decapitation. While alive, the condemned was made to sit down and his/her head was connected to a springy tree branch with a cord and the legs and body were tied to stakes, so that when the head was cut off, it would be thrown through the air "With the force of a bomb".

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16Extinct Himalayan tribe

There is a tribe of people in an almost inaccessible Himalayan valley that made a decision to bring their own race to extinction by choosing to not have children. If you broke the no breeding tribal rule, you would be banned from the village, which was, in essence, a death sentence.

17. The word "Sioux" is not actually a word. It is a partial word from "Nadowessioux" which is an insult that means "little snakes." The tribes associated with this nomenclature are actually the Dakota, the Lakota, and the Nakota.

18. The Kenyan Masai tribe donated 14 cows to the US following the 9/11 attacks. They regard cattle as sacred and therefore it was the highest expression of regard and sympathy they could have offered.

19. Many Cherokee Indians sided and fought with the Confederacy during the American Civil War, both because many were black slave owners themselves and also because they resented the Union for their treatment during the Trail of Tears.

20. Some Native American tribes intentionally bent trees to mark trails and many bent trees still remain today hidden in many national parks throughout USA.

21Cherokee Native Americans

Cherokee Native Americans owned slaves, some of whom were even forced to walk the Trail of Tears with their owners. Their descendants were legally recognized as tribe members until 2007 when a Cherokee constitutional amendment requiring Cherokee blood for membership ousted thousands of them.

22. Magellan’s expedition claimed to have encountered giants in South America. While anchored near modern-day Argentina, Magellan’s men reported encountering 8-foot-tall men on the beaches of Patagonia. Historians have surmised that the "giants" were actuality members of the Tehuelche tribe.

23. The Miss Navajo Nation pageant requires contestants to butcher a sheep.

24. There is an Indian tribe (Shipibo Indians) in South America that makes psychedelic designs that can be read as music.

25. A 9000 member indigenous tribe in Guyana is fighting illegal logging of their land by filming the activity with a drone they built by watching Do It Yourself videos on YouTube and taking the footage to the Guyanese government.


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