Have you ever tried to create something new and then give it a name? Or maybe you got a puppy and didn’t have any idea on how to name it? We all looked around for suggestions and most of us didn’t come up with an original idea. Same goes for these people who didn’t even bother to create a new brand for their items.

They scrambled some letters or just replaced them with a couple of different ones and kept the original design. The funny thing is that you won’t even notice that they are all knockoffs. It might be cheap marketing but we just can’t stop laughing at these knockoff brands!

26Sandwich boy

27Jhonny Newton

28Incredibly crappy

29Perfect Game Exists

30Don't get mad, get Andy!

31A surprise to be sure

32Oh no

33When you can't decide between Nokia, Samsung, or Google

34Michaelsoft Binbows

35How did they get away with that?

36Fake Apple Store sold by Fake Lego

37Close enough

38Off-brand Steve Jobs. The wings and halo are a lovely touch

39Kermit the frulk

40The king of the magic rings

41Strange Things


43Deformed car

44Great find in China

45When there's no Subway where you live

46Beats by who?

47Lead Poisoning

48Found in Thailand

49School of Rock

50Meats by dr.dre


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