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1Bald eagle

It's illegal to "pursue, shoot, shoot at, poison, wound, kill, capture, trap, collect, molest or disturb" a bald eagle in the United States. - Source

2. It is illegal to bring a copy of "Robinson Crusoe" into the micro-nation of Kingdom of Elleore (micronation located on the island of Elleore), and if you do, your punishment is 11 minutes and 17 seconds in prison.- Source

3. In EVE Online (Online game) a player set up an in-game bank that operated legitimately for several months. The bank's founder then stole nearly 790 billion units of in-game currency, nearly $170,000 in real-world dollars. This was all perfectly legal. - Source

4. it is illegal to smoke in cars with children in Arkansas, California, Louisiana, Maine, Oregon, Puerto Rico, Utah, and Vermont. The minimum age of the child varies according to the state. - Source

5. LSD (Acid) was legal for decades, was given to undergraduate psychiatry students as part of their education, and it has the highest success rate in recorded history for treating alcoholism. - Source


Mullets (Haircut) are illegal in Iran. - Source

7. Although being gay is illegal in Iran, being transgender is fully accepted. Although, once you change gender, you must then only date the opposite gender.- Source

8. It is legal in California to drive a motorcycle between two cars in their lane (lane splitting) and only 53% of state residents know that it is legal. - Source

9. In Denmark, it is illegal to burn foreign flags, but not illegal to burn the Danish flag. - Source

10. In Fairbanks, Alaska it is illegal for a moose to enter a saloon (via the sidewalk). This law was created to try to stop a local tavern keeper from getting his pet moose drunk and prevent the moose's frequent drunken rampages.

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11Brass knuckles

In 2009, EA sent out brass knuckles to the game writers of the Godfather II before realizing that they were illegal in most of the states they sent them to, including California, where EA is based.- Source

12. In Pennsylvania, it is illegal to use milk crates for anything besides milk and unauthorized use of milk cases can induce a fine of $300 or imprisonment up to 90 days.- Source

13. Unpaid internships at for-profit businesses are illegal in the United States when they're for the benefit of the employer and displace regular employees. - Source

14. It is illegal in some states in USA to collect rainwater because "according to officials, 'that rain belongs to someone else.'" - Source

15. In Mexico, the act of escaping from prison is considered legal because the law recognizes that all people have a fundamental desire to be free.

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16Holly Van Voast

A woman named Holly Van Voast won $40,000 as a settlement from New York City due to police repeatedly arresting her for going topless in public. It's perfectly legal for men and women to be topless in New York City.- Source

17. It is illegal under German law to deny the holocaust, which is punishable by up to 5 years in prison. - Source

18. Mississippi is the only state in the US where it is legal to drive while drinking an alcoholic beverage, as long as the driver stays under the legal limit of .08%. - Source

19. It is illegal in China to be reincarnated without government approval. - Source

20. A clothes shop in Beijing banned Chinese customers and it is perfectly legal in China as there is no legal ban on racial discrimination. One employee’s explanation for the ban was that some Chinese customers are too annoying and that Chinese women often try lots of clothing but end up buying nothing. - Source

21British eggs

British eggs are illegal in the US for being "unwashed" and American eggs are illegal in the UK for being "washed". - Source

22. In Ohio, It is illegal for foster parents to make their children who are of the opposite sex to share the same room. - Source

23. Outlaw originally meant "outside the protection of the law" so you could rob or kill them without legal consequences. - Source

24. In Switzerland, it is illegal to own only one guinea pig because they’re social animals prone to loneliness.- Source

25. Pinball was illegal for 30 years in many major US cities. Politicians thought that pinball was a game based on chance and therefore must have been a mob-run scam. The ban ended when a master pinball player was called in front of a committee to demonstrate his skill. - Source


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