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50 Repulsive Facts About Poo

26Male hippos

Male hippos fling their poo by twirling their tails in order to impress females and mark their territory. - Source

27. The fastest living organism in the world is actually a type of fungus (Fungus cannon), which is found in horse manure.

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28. 16% of cell phones are contaminated with E. coli bacteria from fecal matter. - Source

29. Italian artist Piero Manzoni pooped into 90 tin cans (Artist's sh*t) as an artwork, each containing 30g of poop. Each is worth 100,000 € today. - Source

30. The average human poops $13 in precious metals per year. - Source

31Baby koalas

Baby koalas eat their mothers "fecal pap", a soft, partially digested eucalyptus goo from the mother's anus as they cannot digest the leaves. - Source

32. George Clooney once pranked one of his friend by cleaning his friend's cat litter box so that his friend thought his cat did not poop and then George took a dump into the box to make it look like the cat took a huge dump after several days. - Source

33. There was a manure salesman named Abba Bina in Papua New Guinea, who went by the name "Mr. Sh*t", who went by the slogan "Chicken sh*t, horse sh*t, cow sh*t - but no bullsh*t". - Source

34. Roughly 26,500 pounds of human excrement is left on Mount Everest each season. Everest is a 'fecal time bomb'. - Source

35. In 1962, scientists injected an elephant with a dose of LSD that was 3000 times a typical human dose. Five minutes later the elephant trumpeted, fell down, defecated itself, went into a perpetual brain seizure, and then died an hour and 40 minutes later.

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36American mother Robins

American mother Robins (species of bird) will eat the poop of their babies. The fecal sacs are full of partially digested food items for the mother to eat and it keeps the nest clean. - Source

37. American singer Ted Nugent pooped in his pants and quit bathing to avoid the draft. - Source

38. There are 4 bags of astronaut poop on the moon left behind by Neil Armstrong from his Apollo mission to the moon. - Source

39. In the Spanish town, Brunete council volunteers will send dog poo in the mail to dog owners who are seen failing to pick up their dog's feces in public. - Source

40. Defecation syncope is a condition in which a person poops so hard they pass out.

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41Elizabeth R. Griffin

In 1997, an Emory researcher named Elizabeth R. Griffin died as a result of a herps-infected rhesus monkey flinging poop into her eyes. - Source

42. In Mexico City people were offered free wi-fi in exchange for picking up dog droppings and weighing them, thus measuring the amount of free wi-fi given, in an attempt to clean up the city from dog poo. - Source

43. When Andre the Giant would go to Japan he would sometimes defecate in bathtubs, or on newspapers because the toilets were too small for him. - Source

44. The most effective treatment for CDI (a bowel disease causing chronic diarrhea) is a fecal transplant, where poo from a healthy person is put in the infected person's bum, thereby transplanting healthy bacteria into the digestive tract. It is 94% effective as opposed to 30% for antibiotics. - Source

45. In 2009, a man named Weusi McGowan on trial brought a bag of poop into the courtroom, smeared feces on his lawyer and then threw the remainder of the poop at the jury. - Source


Coffee makes the end of your intestine start contracting, like you are prepping for poop even if you have none. That why so many people want to poop after. - Source

47. In January 1992, the banking system of Rhode Island suddenly collapsed, and hundreds of thousands of people lost access to their bank account for months, even years. Protesters were reported to smear excrement on the walls of the Rhode Island legislature in anger. - Source

48. If you are an American who finds bird droppings on an island not under another countries' jurisdiction, you may claim that island for America. - Source

49. Sloths only poop once a week and it's called the poo dance. - Source

50. American actor Burt Reynolds once gathered the horse manure from his 100 horses, loaded it up on his helicopter, and air dropped it on the largest Christmas Tree display at that time, which was at the National Inquirer Headquarters. - Source

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