With Amazon nowadays buying anything isn’t a hassle at all and with China flooding the western markets with cheap products, it has only increased western consumerism. But with cheap products comes bad quality. Due to shady labor laws and shoddy manufacturing standards in China, the quality of products has only fallen. But sometimes even the unexpected things can be hiding a surprise. We have 50+ People Who Found Unexpected Secrets Hiding Inside Products They Bought.

1My dog destroyed her toy cactus, and there was another sad cactus inside

2My dog ripped open her toy and there was a sadder toy inside

3The inside of this pizza box was a tuxedo

4I found out that this 'one-time use' iPhone charger has replaceable AAA batteries inside

5I took apart an old pinball machine and inside there's a counter for the number of times it's been played

6The tank inside of this Bic lighter was just a smaller Bic lighter

7The inside of a fire alarm is just a simple switch

8One of my dice cracked and revealed another one hidden inside it

9The inside of my iPad case is made of old toothpaste boxes

10Broke a ball playing bocce. There are pool balls inside it

11My tape dispenser broke and it was filled with concrete and a cigarette

12I cracked cue ball and it revealed another ball hidden inside

13I dropped a frog lawn decoration only to discover 2 snowmen inside

14My daughter's snap bracelet is made from a tape measure

15I just opened up my broken SD card to find it has a MicroSD card inside it

16My phone charger has a second USB port hidden inside of it

17My new jeans has a hidden inside pocket for a condom

18My school issues IDs with hidden USB drives in them

19BMW has a little Elephant holding a logo hidden inside some dashboards

20One of my chess knights broke and revealed a dice hidden inside it

21This screwdriver handle has another handle inside of it

22I broke a candle and it's filled with tiny beads

23Our punching bag finally ripped apart only to reveal its filled with old clothes

24My raincoat reveals a floral pattern when wet

25My red glittery mug went through the dishwasher and revealed a Wonder Woman mug underneath


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