‘Nailed It’ is a phrase used to express success after achieving something seemingly difficult with relative ease. Online, it is often used to criticize the quality of success, especially in response to attempts at recreating recipes or craft projects. Here are 50+ photos showing epic fails at some DIY attempts.

26Snow White cake

27Cristiano Ronaldo's bronze statue vs Cristiano Ronaldo in real life

28Bad job

29Chocolate Santa

30Good lord

31Latte art is hard

32Attempted mirror cake

33Magical unicorns

34Elmo or Elmer

35Looks good to me

36I'm Catman

37Nailed it

38Nailed it


40There can be only Juan

41Close enough

42Cthulhu pie crust

43Wife made me a birthday cake

44Nailed It

45Birthday cake topper

46Ultimate wall mount rig

47Went to my hairdresser with this pic today

48Those darn “sporty” exhaust tips

49Millionaire's latte

50Something went wrong in the microwave


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