‘Nailed It’ is a phrase used to express success after achieving something seemingly difficult with relative ease. Online, it is often used to criticize the quality of success, especially in response to attempts at recreating recipes or craft projects. Here are 50+ photos showing epic fails at some DIY attempts.

1Eleven from stranger things

2My mom dressed up as my dad for Halloween

3Nailed It

4Good job

5Artistic interpretation

6Oh god

7Pizza did not come out as expected

8Cute baby chick bread rolls

9Clownfish costume

10Totally nailed it at paint night

11Merry Christmas

12We don't make mistakes. Just happy little Godzillas

13This majestic bastard came in missing a wing

14Happy Thanksgiving

15Cookies and cream stuffed french toast from IHOP

16What a news station actually looks like

17Cookie cups

18Nailed the portrait

19All I know is that somewhere along the line a mistake might have been made

20A failed attempt at cut-off jean shorts

21Nothing rhymes with fire orange

22I tried to make cupcakes


24Crescent roll Christmas tree. Pretty sure it looks like a dinosaur

25This Man spent £20,000 on plastic surgery to look like David Beckham


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