Ever been so tired you thought you could probably fall asleep standing up? It’s definitely been done before, and worse. Standing is only one weird position the super-tired among us have utilized when catching a few Zs. Check out these photos where people really lost the battle against sleep. From toilets, shopping carts to snoozing over your own lap these hilarious photos will make you happy that you are going to sleep in a nice comfy bed.


27Inside a Luggage Compartment

28Sleeping in the supermarket

29When you fall asleep at the slots in Vegas

30Inside a basket

31On a bookshelf for a quick rest

32Sleepy sportsgoer taking a quick nap on the floor

33Falling asleep at the mall

34Napping in your own lap

35On his bike

36Passenger settles in for a snooze under a baggage rack

37Under the shade of a military vehicle

38A shady place to nap

39President caught someone taking a nap

40Not sure if sleeping or reading VERY closely

41Gangsta nap

42Sleepyhead on a metal handrail

43Anything's a Hammock if You're Brave Enough

44Hammock underneath a truck

45Sleepyheads will sleep Anywhere

46Near a library

47On a jet turbine

48Short on space to stretch out but good enough to sleep in

49Best Place to Sleep at work

50Nodding off standing up with his chin resting on a cupboard


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