Ever been so tired you thought you could probably fall asleep standing up? It’s definitely been done before, and worse. Standing is only one weird position the super-tired among us have utilized when catching a few Zs. Check out these photos where people really lost the battle against sleep. From toilets, shopping carts to snoozing over your own lap these hilarious photos will make you happy that you are going to sleep in a nice comfy bed.

1He may be immortal


3Sweet broom selling old man sleeping in front of a house

4On the street

5Hiking can be tiring

6Inside a wheelbarrow

7Soldiers can fall asleep anywhere

8On the road

9Leaning against a car for quick nap

10Oh well, it's nap time!

11A quick nap in the bushes

12The new way to nap

13A firefighter in Oregon asleep after a 32-hour shift

14Sleeping in a box of packing peanuts

15Sleeping on a Reindeer

16Public Stairs

17In the middle of rubble

18Spaniards don't kid with nap time

19Eating makes me sleepy too

20Chinese Soldiers

21On his scooter

22Sleeping on the job

23Break time nap

24Nap time in the store room

25Sleeping on a train track


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