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1Blue Cat Blues

There was an episode (Blue Cat Blues) of Tom and Jerry where they both commit suicide, it is narrated by Jerry. - Source

2. Trey Parker initially thought that the South Park episode "Make Love, Not Warcraft" would be the end of South Park's positive reputation. The episode is considered one of the best by fans. - Source

3. Space Ghost Coast to Coast was the show that launched the late night television block we know today as Adult Swim on Cartoon Network. - Source

4. The song Chocolate Salty Balls from South Park reached No. 1 on the UK Singles Charts. - Source

5. During the ending theme to Cartoon Network's The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, some strange, somewhat creepy gibberish is heard at the end. The gibberish played backward is Maxwell Atoms, the creator of the show, saying "No, no. This is the end of the show. You're watching it backward!" - Source

6Angry Beavers

In the unaired series finale of "Angry Beavers": Dag and Norb realize they are cartoons, discuss that they are getting canceled, and even end up both repeatedly calling each other by the voice-actors' names. - Source

7. In Zapp Brannigan's debut on Futurama, Brannigan was to appear fatter in every shot throughout the first episode in which he appeared, but the animators were so disgusted by his ultimate appearance that the idea was dropped. - Source

8. Moe from The Simpsons was only given the surname Szyslak so that he would have the initials M.S., and hence be a suspect in the Burns shooting. - Source

9. Cartman from South Park described independent films are just about "gay cowboys eating pudding" a full 7 years before the independent film "Brokeback Mountain" came out. - Source

10. In 1990, First Lady Barbara Bush criticized The Simpsons as “the dumbest thing I've ever seen." Marge wrote a letter to her, in character, politely telling her not to be so judgmental and explaining that her family tried their best. Mrs. Bush later apologized for her “loose tongue”.

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11South Park

When South Park did an episode on Tourette’s, the Tourette Syndrome Association said that they expected it to be offensive. After the broadcast, they conceded there was “a surprising amount of accurate information conveyed”, adding that the episode “served as a clever device” for providing accurate facts.- Source

12. Every episode of Family Guy includes at least one instance of a character saying “What the hell …” - Source

13. Homer Simpson’s idea to fill a mine with other cities’ garbage dissuaded a small Canadian town from implementing the exact same idea.- Source

14. Ed, Edd n Eddy is Cartoon Network's longest-running series, running for almost 11 years. - Source

15. Arthur is the second longest-running animated series in the U.S., behind 'The Simpsons.'

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16South Park

South Park had copies of all scene files used to create their first 176 episodes. Paired with the original uncensored audio, South Park re-rendered all episodes to full 1080p resolution at the standard 16:9 ratio. South Park may be the only pre-HD animated show that has all episodes available in full native 1080p resolution.- Source

17. In the Looney Tunes universe, the mouse Speedy Gonzales has a cousin named Slowpoke Rodriguez whose possible marijuana habit is alluded to in an episode from 1962. - Source

18. Trey Parker stated that Mr. Mackey is based off his old school counselor Mr. Lackey. On South Park season 1 commentary Trey said “[Mr. Lackey used to say], ‘Trey, quit fooling around and get back to your school work, m’kay’ ‘but, now, I'm making millions out of him’”.- Source

19. XXX on cartoon jugs of alcohol originally denoted three-time distilled, resulting in almost pure alcohol content. - Source

20. The ‘Family Guy’ episode in which Stewie drinks horse sperm with cereal caused FCC to receive 188,368 complaints.- Source

21Lenny and Carl

Simpsons characters Lenny and Carl both possess master's degrees in nuclear physics. - Source

22. “The Flintstones” sparked a lot of controversy by being the first cartoon series to show a couple together in the same bed as well as dealing with matters such as infertility and adoption.- Source

23. Paul McCartney's condition for guest starring in The Simpsons episode "Lisa the Vegetarian" was that Lisa, who becomes a vegetarian in the episode, remain one for the rest of the series. The staff promised, resulting in one of the few permanent character changes made in the show. - Source

24. Chuck Jones created Wile E. Coyote and the Roadrunner as a parody of chase cartoons like "Tom and Jerry", not expecting that its purposefully ridiculous contraptions and nonsensical cartoon physics would make it popular. - Source

25. All characters on The Simpsons have 4 fingers except for God, who has 5 fingers. - Source


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