So many of us are self-confessed foodies. Today we’re going to focus on brilliant and amusing times people won the food lottery. For example, that feeling you get when your server puts an extra bag of fries with your order by accident. Or, when you order a small cappuccino only to be given a large. These lucky little moments in life just make you feel happy! Here we have a bunch of examples where people hit the food jackpot. Take a look, but be warned, many of these images will make you hungry!

1Watermelon Jackpot

2Two fruit by the foot rolls in one package

3Two fruit by the foot rolls in one package

4Two Flavor Packets

5Triple Kiwis

6This spaghetti noodle was twice as long as the others in the box

7This KitKat is missing its wafer

8This is the avocado jackpot

9This Ice cream has 5 sticks in it

10This drum stick came with an extra bottom

11This bread was sliced the wrong way

12This box of Toaster Strudels came with 2x the number of icing packets

13This blackberry is extra long

14These two carrots twisted into one

15The size of this frosted flake in cereal

16The lucky 4-bear clover

17That's one mega-Cheeto

18That's one massive Funyun

19That is one large Curly Fry

20A string of mini gummy bears in a bag of regular gummy bears

21Strawberry the size of an apple


23Potato the size of a forearm

24Pork rind as big as her face

25Perfect miniature pickle at a restaurant


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