Rollercoaster pics are awesome! What started as a fun way for the theme parks to squeeze a bit of extra cash out of the customers, has turned into an opportunity to get a memorable snap that families and friends talk about for years. We have compiled a list of great rollercoaster fail and win photos.

26Fabio vs the Goose

27Sick Grandpa

28Extreme Terror

29The kid in the front cracks me up as much as the bird in the back

30She's Terrified

31Is he demonic?

32Rachel Stinks

33Wrong Side Guys

34Bird Incoming


36They regret waking up that day


38Scared Mom and Son

39Holding for dear life

40What is she doing?

41Holding on to his life

42He's not sitting on it again

43His face says, "Dad, why did you betray me?"

44Terror in his eyes

45Roller Coaster Hair

46He is regretting getting on the ride

47She is definitely not enjoying it

48They seem unimpressed

49Praying to God

50Her Face Says it all


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