Rollercoaster pics are awesome! What started as a fun way for the theme parks to squeeze a bit of extra cash out of the customers, has turned into an opportunity to get a memorable snap that families and friends talk about for years. We have compiled a list of great rollercoaster fail and win photos.

1Definitely wasn't prepared

2Hold on Tight

3Priceless Reaction

4Double Wet

5Batman Kid

6Great Pose

7Ape Man

8Scared to the core


10Grandpa, you shouldn't be here

11Grumpy Clown

12Face of Regret

13He promised fun

14What pure fear looks like

15Keep Arms And Legs Inside

16Marriage Proposal

17His Face

18Are You Having Fun?

19Coming out of the closet

20Her husband didn't come

21Losing keys

22Faces of Regret

23Trying to act normal

24Terrible dad let him sit alone



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