Having a sibling is truly amazing. Older or younger, it doesn’t really matter, the bond is extremely strong and unlike any other. Your sibling is your family, your friend, your “partner in crime”, and sometimes even your role model.

But it isn’t always sunshine and rainbows with brothers and sisters, and we can prove it! We have has put together a list of 50+ pics showing the annoying things that asshole siblings have done to their brothers and sisters.

1My 13-year-old sister thinks she’s hilarious

2We always get each other ironic gifts, my little sister killed it this year. Batteries not included

3Replaced my little sister's graduation photo with one of the supreme leader 3 weeks ago. Dad still hasn’t noticed

4My sister and her boyfriend are heading up to our cabin tomorrow night, so I left them a present for when they turn on the lights

5A Kid in sitting in front of me on my flight was sending a nice message to his sister

6I replaced a picture of my sister with one of Vladimir Putin before my family came over for Christmas. They haven't noticed yet

7My sister recently had a portion of her colon removed because of cancer. I gave her this shirt to celebrate a successful surgery

8I had my leg amputated and my brother shows up to the hospital dressed as a pirate

9Sister welcomes newborn sibling to the family

10My wife just graduated from the police academy and her sister sent these to our house

11My brothers picked me up from the airport. It was a full plane

12My brother had to work during Thanksgiving, so he asked me to save him a little bit of everything

13This is how my 2.5-year-old niece insists on holding her new baby brother

14My friend turned 21 today. His little sister wrote him a custom card

15At a Ren Faire and told my sister to pose with her boyfriend. She wondered why I chose such a low angle

16My sign for my sister running her half iron man race tomorrow

17My sister's nickname is a giraffe because she has a long neck. She hates it. This is going to be my birthday gift to her, lol

18My three year old finally beat her brother at Candy Land. He was not okay

19My brother teases our little sister with chalkboard drawings every day. This was today

20I changed my sister's bathroom art while dog sitting. She still doesn't realize that it doesn't say 'HOPE'

21My little brother worked at my shop with me today, and I convinced him that brick mopping is a thing

22My amputee brother didn't appreciate his Christmas present

23My sister's birthday is coming up

24A sense of purpose, I dismissively said, when my sisters asked me what I wanted for Christmas

25 My brother and I started a new thing where we "skittle" each other. He was so confused why his camera wasn't turning on lol. He get skittled fool


  1. So, I enjoy cosplaying and my brother enjoys chases. We have this game where I’ll dress up as a plague doctor weilding the largest stick I can find and chase him around the house claiming he “reeks of the Pestilence”. My brother tries to find an apple, in which he will chase me with it. I use the stick to try and smack the apple out of his hand. If I touch him, he dies of the plague. If he touches me with the apple, I die of fear. Truly the best game I’ve played in eight years.


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