Working in an office isn’t exactly the most enviable job in the world. You’re hunched over a computer in a low-ceilinged room with a bunch of other people for hours on end, your eyes often straining from the cold glare of dodgy strip lights while you and your colleagues inhale and exhale the same stale air all day. But as you can see from this hilarious list compiled by us, some offices look like a lot more fun than others!

26I can't believe my eyes! This is how my coworker came into work today

27My coworker went on maternity leave, so we decided to grow a lawn on her desk

28A coworker is Internet Explorer. He's sat in the same spot all morning

29The interns at my friend's office sure are special

30A coworker informed me my Deus Ex Machina sweater may be sending the wrong message

31Cubicle sharknado - best coworker ever

32When you request a wall clock for your office but your boss is a dick

33I owed my coworker $50. He didn't get it back easy

34I saw this in the office today

35Always leave something weird in your office desk for the next person

36My office is struggling with the 'go green' concept

37I caught a colleague typing like this

38Prank at the office. The added twist, they are all stapled together

39My office prank for my self-absorbed boss

40I submit my April Fool's prank, 2000 balloons in my boss' office

41I was out of the office for 2 weeks and found this when I got back. Thank you, co-workers

42A co-worker came running into my office and said 'there is a big leak under the water heater'

43No one's admitting they put this sign in the toilet. There's only one Scottish guy in the office

44This office worker really likes Christmas

45This is what our IT guy wore to the office today

46Someone in my office has the right idea

47The door to my IT office this morning

48I was told the office had a great view

49A car hit the office building I work in yesterday. I came to work today and found this gem

50My coworker brought sugar to the office for her coffee and labeled it. One of the attorneys I work with responded


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