Photobombing is an art, and celebrity photobombing is a rare gift to humanity. Whether the celebrities are being photobombed or actually doing the photobombing, the result is hilarious. We can only hope that seeing these works of art inspires you to look a little more closely at every photograph and perhaps partake in some photobombing yourself.

1Michael Douglas

2Jane Fonda

3Tom Hanks

4Justin Timberlake

5Justin Bieber

6Queen Elizabeth

7Simon Pegg

8Wiz Khalifa

9Benedict Cumberbatch

10Nicole Kidman

11Emma Thompson

12Jared Leto

13Dustin Hoffman

14Then Nyong’o

15Julia Louis-Dreyfus


17Arnold Schwarzenegger

18Sarah Silverman

19Jason Momoa

20Julie Bowen

21Cara Delevingne

22Joey Fatone

23Jared Leto Strikes Again


25Katy Perry


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