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26Iceland police

Only one person has been killed by armed police in Iceland since it became an independent republic in 1944. - Source

27. When Underdog Iceland reached the quarter-final of the 2016 Euro Cup, 10% of Iceland's population traveled to France for the game. The team coach was also a dentist. - Source

28. Iceland is extremely protective of their language. Instead of loaning words from other languages, they repurpose old ones. Telephone is 'simi', meaning thread, jet plane is 'thota', meaning to zoom and the word for computer, 'tölva' translates to number priestess or numbers witch.- Source

29. Sweden was the first country to find out about the censored Chernobyl accident when one of the workers at the Forsmark power plant in Sweden set off evacuation alarms when radiation detectors went off after he had walked through grass that had been contaminated from radioactive rain picked up from Chernobyl over 800 miles away.- Source

30. In Finland, the word 'kalsarikännit' means to get drunk at home, alone, in your underwear. - Source

31Donald Duck

In Sweden, voters often voted for Donald Duck or the Donald Duck Party as a nonexistent candidate until a 2006 change in voting laws, which prohibited voting for nonexistent candidates.- Source

32. In 1954, archaeologists excavating an 8th-century Viking settlement in Sweden (Helgö) found a Buddha statuette from India. - Source

33. A woman changed clothes while on a tour of Iceland in 2012 and people thought she went missing because they didn't recognize her. The woman then joined a search party looking for herself.- Source

34. Due to high-tech automation at the Lego factory in Denmark, when you open a set of LEGO, you are the first human to look at the bricks.- Source

35. Finland's president (Sauli Niinisto) was in Thailand during the 2004 tsunami. He survived by climbing up a utility pole with his son.

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36Swedish Hot Line Riot

In the 1982 Swedish Hot Line Riot, the teens in Sweden hacked the landline system to create a massive party line unbeknownst to adults or HTE phone company. Over 1,000 14-18 year olds then decided to meet at one location with no plans. A riot ensued. - Source

37. Iceland has such a small population that they have an anti-incest app so you don't end up hooking up with a family member on a night out. - Source

38. In Sweden, you have a constitutional right to allemansrätten, which is the right to peacefully hike, camp, bike and enjoy nature anywhere in the country unimpeded, with the only restriction being very close to someone's house or if you mess up a garden. - Source

39. The parliament (Althing) of Iceland, established in 930 A.D., is the oldest active parliament in the world. - Source

40. Norway, Sweden, and Finland together are not Scandinavia, but are Fennoscandia. Scandinavia actually comprises Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, not Finland.

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100% of Iceland's population has the internet, the only country in the world. - Source

42. In March 2003, Denmark became the first country to regulate trans fats in foods (2% limit on ingredients) and has since seen a 50% decrease in ischemic heart disease.- Source

43. In 2001, a teenager in Sweden was arrested on suspicion of treason after throwing a strawberry tart at King Carl Gustaf. - Source

44. The United States has more people of Norwegian descent than Norway. - Source

45. Earlier in 2016, Sweden released a telephone number that would put you in touch with a random Swede. More than 32,000 Swedes agreed to take the calls by downloading an app, answering upwards of 180,000 calls from all over the world. - Source

46Wind power

On Oct 28, 2013, wind power not only provided 100% of Denmark's power, but on that day at 2:00 AM, wind power produced 122% of the country's energy needs.- Source

47. Norway will allow any student from anywhere in the world to study at their public Universities tuition-free. - Source

48. Stockholm, capital of Sweden, is built on 14 islands, and that the city center is "virtually situated on the water". - Source

49. Blood donors in Sweden are sent a text message every time their blood is used to save a life. - Source

50. In Finland, some children read to dogs and cows to improve their self-confidence in reading and because these animals actually like listening and are extremely attentive.- Source


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