Laws and rules are there for a reason, marks of orderly and successful societies that serve to keep us from descending into anarchy. However, some people love to boast about how they break the rules. These pranksters decided to rebel in a slightly different way – by following the rules to excess because so many are totally weird and unnecessary, we can’t follow them.

26My school requires a full suit and tie dress code. However, a coat is allowed in the winter

27I asked my husband to put the pillowcases on the pillows

28Food isn't allowed in the living room. His tablet isn't allowed in the kitchen. He beat the system

29My friend goes to a school that doesn't allow the opposite sex in their respective dorms, so this is movie night

30I snuck into a Volcom release party by wearing a grocery store receipt

31Music festival in 90-degree weather wouldn't allow vendors to sell beverages

32Technically correct

33We go to a school with a uniform policy that requires a belt. My friend forgot his belt and did this

34When no drinks are allowed at the pool

35Dogs Are Not Allowed On NYC Subway Unless They’re In A Carrier…So This Happened

36You are to assume the role of a Chinese immigrant in 1870

37I asked my cat to stay off the desk, this was her response

38A class of students was required to pick a Marvel character to embody within a resume and cover letter. This is what one student handed in

39Mom installed this lock to hide kids’ phone and other important stuff when they misbehaved. If only she knew

40Because screw you and your 'end user license agreement'

41School said no fake blood allowed in costumes. The resulting costume was even more inappropriate

42The teacher said we are allowed to bring single side paper for notes during final

43It's all fun and games until someone installs a manhole

44My dad went to Vegas for 5 days and put a camera in the house but that ain't stopping me

45Astor Row Cafe at 404 Lenox Ave. in Harlem made the B rating from the city part of its brunch sign

46Camp requires kids to write a letter home after the first week

47Our office doesn't let us adjust the thermostat, but my coworker figured out a workaround when she's cold

48This fan got a 1-year ban from the stadium so he decided to rent a crane to watch the game

49Someone handed in his 8-page essay on $70 worth of limestone 2

50When TSA wouldn't allow Coke to be in the carry-on


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