Laws and rules are there for a reason, marks of orderly and successful societies that serve to keep us from descending into anarchy. However, some people love to boast about how they break the rules. These pranksters decided to rebel in a slightly different way – by following the rules to excess because so many are totally weird and unnecessary, we can’t follow them.

1Only allowed a single page formula sheet. Challenge accepted

2I work in an office where professional attire is required. Little do they know

3So my brother isn't allowed to take his phone to his room at he keeps his phone downstairs at charging

4Not exactly what I had in mind when I told my son it was too nice out to play games inside

5Nailed it

6I told my son that I don't want to see the cooler in this room again

7A mayor in Brazil prohibited bar owners from setting tables on the sidewalk. Here's their solution

8My college has a 'shoe in the door' policy when girls go into guy's dorms and vise versa, Some clever freshman took it to the next level

9Those anti-bird spikes did not stop this pigeon from nesting there

10This Utah Bar is legally required to offer food to customers

11My boxer isn't allowed to be on the couch. He won this one on a technicality

12We told her she couldn't walk on lawns to pick flowers. She found a loophole

13The town won't allow them to keep a statue near the road, but they can't do anything about a flagpole

14So there’s a rule against pumpkins in my dorm but it doesn’t say anything about pineapples

15Graves holding hands. Catholic woman and her Protestant husband who were not allowed to be buried together (1880s Holland)

16A friend of mine got a complaint from her HOA about a dying shrub on her property

17My son's response to the First Lady's new ban on selling candy as a fundraiser

18Beerd when no coolers are allowed at NFL training camp

19The cat isn't allowed on the table, found a loophole to still be the center of attention while we eat

20We told him he couldn't go outside

21Boys Wear Skirts On A Hot Day To School In Protest At Being Told They Were Not Allowed To Wear Shorts

22When the HOA won't allow a pool in your backyard

23Women are not allowed to attend soccer matches in Iran. 5 girls sneak in Azadi Stadium in disguise to celebrate Persepolis championship in Iran's Persian Gulf Pro League

24I told my son to clean the floor

25Company's Policy was 'All beverages must be in a cup with a straw'... too amused to argue with the employee loophole discovered tonight



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