Behind every woman’s perfect Instagram shot is an often reluctant photographer boyfriend. Maybe you have one, maybe you know one, or maybe you are one – Instagram Boyfriends are the unsung heroes who walk amongst us.

Instagram beauties across the platform have been relying on their boyfriends as their personal photographers to achieve the perfect shot. But once hidden behind a lens these men no longer live in the shadows. We at Pi Queen have compiled 50 Funny ‘Boyfriends of Instagram’ Who Went Extra Mile for their Girlfriend’s Perfect Photo.

26Down and dirty in the city of love

27If you travel the world and don't have someone there to take pics of it... did you even really travel?

28Watches the lion king once

29OMG me trying to pose for my new tinder profile looking for a daddy

30Mmm very nice ladies, very nice indeed

31Don't worry mate, there's plenty more fish in the sea

32Yonce! That you

33Danger never heard of her

34When ya spidey senses tingly AF

35When a boy swoops in for the assist on that gram

36When a mate tricks you into umbrella duty

37Some are born great, and some have greatness thrust upon them

38Oi Nah, what's doing m8


40You ain't got the angles

41Always take multiple shots when you're in the zone

42Omg girls night

43Play it cool girls. This one's a winner

44Coconut water on the ground... This one's a keeper

45Gotta love that Go Pro and iPhone combo

46Not all heroes wear capes

47From the always vigilant

48Wow, so athletic

49So do you have any special talents?

50"I'm actually an Instagram influencer. You've probably heard of me"


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