There is always a struggle with your mind and body to either order pizza or not to order pizza. It’s the eternal question. Pizza is amazing and it has been said that if you ever meet someone who says that they don’t like pizza you shouldn’t trust them. Pizza parlors all over the country (and the world) are constantly creating funny signs that feed into our collective pizza addiction. Also brave pizza deliverymen and women hop in their cars (or on bikes) and deliver food straight to our doors every day. Not only are delivery people amazing because they’re the reason you never have to interrupt your Netflix binge to find sustenance, they often indulge our “special instructions” to give us the bizarre service we crave.

Here are some of the funniest, most insane, straight-up WTF pizza places the world has to offer.

1Pizza Hut employee helping elderly women place an order online, so she gets a better deal than if she ordered in store

2The good guy pizza place in Springfield Ohio

3What kind of topping do you want on your pizza

4This sign at a pizza restaurant

5Dominos employee stood outside of a recently closed Papa Johns in my neighborhood and started selling some pizzas

6My view from the Pizza Hut balcony in Egypt

7Maybe I should call Pizza Hut and get them fired

8To all the crust haters this pizza place has something to say

9Officers complete delivery for a Pizza Hut driver involved in an MVA. Community policing at its finest!

10Not bad, pizza place. Not bad

11Due to the truckers manifestations, Brazilian gas stations are out of gasoline. That’s how the pizza guy came to my neighbor’s house

12Seen at a pizza shop in New Jersey. The whole staff was wearing them

13Our friend that works at a pizza place was mad we got delivery

14I had a pretty good pizza delivery description, so I thought I'd share

15Asked Dominoes to write a dirty joke on our box. This is what they came up with

16This movie rental place has a hole in the wall so that you can order pizza from next door

17The girlfriend called dominos to send me a surprise heart-shaped Valentine's Day pizza while I'm on a business trip

18Well played Domino's Pizza

19OMG! My Pizza

20About two pieces in we noticed a pattern on our pizza

21Personal Pizza

22When you ask for a drawing on your pizza box

23My friend ordered a large pizza with 8 cheese sticks. Apparently, the lady on the phone heard differently

24Had some pizza delivered. They sent their cutest delivery guy

25For months I've asked for someone to draw a kitty on my pizza box. Today, I finally got it. I am definitely amused!


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