When it comes to mischief there are no minds that work quite like that of a child. There is something about youth that channels your inner creativity, sometimes to the chagrin of others. Unfortunately for the parents and family members that live with these ‘imaginative’ kids, they are often the guinea pigs for their prank ideas. We have found some hilarious pranks that kids have pulled on their families.

26Found this on my daughter's pillow

27My 12 year old knows how to make me feel special!

28How nice of my one year old

29Turns out my 4-year-old is a genius

30So our 7 year old just left this on our bed

31This is the type of school work the nearly 7 year old brings home

32How my 2 year old brother covers up his accident

33When I babysit my niece she makes me play operation. Her favorite part is when she dies and we have a funeral for her

34My daughter is so considerate

35My niece was very excited about her present

36Kids can be creepy as hell. When asked about it my 6-year old niece told me they were trying to bring the mummy back to life

37My friend got her daughter's basketball team pictures today

38My Cousin dropped her daughter off at summer camp a few days ago. This is the first letter she sent home

39Perfectly timed photo of my niece

40My niece decided to do her own makeup today

41So I asked my 3 year old daughter to replace the toilet paper roll. Job well done!

42My daughter is getting pro at Hide n Seek

43My friend's daughter just dropped the best wedding photobomb I've seen in a while

44My friend's red-haired daughter has a self-deprecating sense of humor. She put this in the fridge

45My daughter stole her brother’s favorite toy and gave him a makeover

46I heard this kid yelling for his dad at Lowe’s, I went looking for him and he was up there

47This kid went from row to row

48My friend’s kid did this to their pantry

49A kid at my school had been hiding these behind the windows

50Camp requires kids to write a letter home after the first week


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