Working for a living can be such a drag sometimes. It can be seriously annoying and really interferes with all the fun stuff we’d rather be doing, like sitting at home, not wearing pants. But, let’s face it; we need that paycheck, so every day we slog into the office and do our best to muddle through the day.
One thing that can improve even the worst work environments is having a few funny coworkers with whom to interact. If you’ve got a handful of quirky work BFFs by your side, suddenly the day flies by. Whether they’re playing funny pranks on you or simply commiserating with you about your “Case of the Mondays,” it’s always good when your colleagues have a sense of humor.

51Found This Today At Work

52Heard a coworker yelling 'COPY!' at the new printer. We seem to have a troll...

53Brother's New Office Has All Dry Erase Walls. Someone Added Some Artwork Around The Wall Light

54A P.S.A. For Your Company Party

55My coworker forgot her contact lens case, so she improvised


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